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Emma Gilmore Director School of Bodywork

Emma Gilmore APNT, iMFT, BCMA Reg, CST, BCST
School Director: Emma is an advanced bodywork therapist specializing in Myofascial Release & Craniosacral Therapy, a founding member of the Fascia Research Society (FRS). Emma teaches Myofascial Release, both nationally and internationally, she writes regularly for Massage World Magazine and has been approached by a book publisher to write a book on fascia. She has been a bodywork therapist for 25 years and is passionate about sharing her detailed knowledge in an accessible and engaging way.  She encourages you to develop your own style, and to draw on your own personal knowledge and experience when dealing with patients. She aims to listen to and accommodate the needs of all students, encouraging you to shine as individuals.

Emma’s personal journey through the world of bodywork has led her to deepen her knowledge of human anatomy, fascia and the delicacy of the human condition. She is particularly interested in how physical and emotional trauma manifests in our physiology, causing pain, discomfort and pathologies; and the potential for its release through bodywork. 

“Emma was a great tutor. She was informative, understanding and really helped support us all. She was always available by email and phone to help us and was extremely supportive.” Kate Adlam

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Sarah Henderson: Tutor School of Bodywork

Louise Mockford: Manager 

Louise is the voice of the school, she is friendly, approachable, super organised and is the main contact for all the courses; happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have. Louise has always been passionate about helping others, having completed a Psychology Degree in 2007 with the intention of becoming a Counselling Psychologist in time.

Louise Equine Massage Therapy led her to study human bodywork, she joined SOB to study the Complete Bodywork Diploma and enjoyed it so much, she continued her studies with Hot Stones, Remedial Massage and Myofascial Release, which she finds simply amazing in the way that it can help both physically and emotionally/psychologically. Now all the pieces of the jigsaw are falling into place Louise feels she has found an effective way of helping people with emotional, psychological and physical issues and is hoping to work more with PTSD and anxiety issues in particular as her practice grows.


Ruth Bell: Thai Massage Tutor School of Bodywork

Ruth APNT Dip MTI; is an inspirational tutor with a deep understanding of bodywork and wealth of knowledge to share. She inspires students with her passion and knowledge of Thai Massage, Remedial Massage and Deep Tissue techniques. Ruth teaches in a fun and dynamic way; as an advanced bodywork practitioner she integrates many aspect of massage. Ruth has a background in dance, and practices as a community dance facilitator, specialising in dance in health. Ruth explains that when she gives a  good, therapeutic treatment, with good body mechanics, it feels as if  she is dancing. As a fully qualified and experienced Massage Practitioner she is committed to the integration of massage within the western health care system. Over the years, she has worked with a range of chronic conditions and referrals, with great results and to this day continues to study and re-inspire herself!

Tutor: Thai Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Remedial MassageComplete Bodyworker

“Ruth is a fantastic tutor and I felt totally supported throughout.” Helen Watts

Cathy Payne

Cathy APNT Dip, has a successful massage practice offering a range of therapeutic treatments. Having travelled extensively, she finds herself drawn to non western modalities. Cathy has studied Complete Bodyworker, Indian Head Massage & Thai Massage at the School of Bodywork, she brings common sense and practical skills to her teaching, she is kind and patient. Cathy is passionate about giving her students everything they need to be able to confidently work as a therapist on completion of their studies.

Cathy believes Hot Stone Therapy is an invaluable tool for any massage therapist who wishes to work in a holistic way. It is a popular treatment which can be easily incorporated into current practice with clients saying they experience a deep and profound sense of relaxation. It is also a very relaxing and grounding treatment to give for therapist.

Tutor: Introduction to Massage, Complete Bodyworker and Hot Stone Massage

Jessica Healy: Indian Head Massage Tutor School of Bodywork

Belinda BA Hons, APNT, BCMA Reg. Belinda’s passion for massage is infectious and her aim is to help each individual to be the best therapist they can be. Her relaxed manner and enthusiastic presentation help to bring the subject to life. She aims for inclusion for all her students and offers a nurturing, dynamic environment in which to learn in. She supports her students fully in both the practical and theoretical aspects of the course. Belinda journey in massage began at SoB, where she studied Complete Bodyworker 10 years ago, since then she has added Indian Head Massage, Remedial Massage & Myofascial Release to her skills, she has an infectious love of quality therapeutic touch.  Belinda runs a thriving practice in Dorset.

Tutor Complete Bodyworker Diploma and Indian Head Massage Diploma

Jessica Healy: Indian Head Massage Tutor School of Bodywork

Nicolle Mitchell

Tutor Massage for Dementia

Nicolle Mitchell is a holistic bodywork practitioner, teacher and therapeutic mum. She is passionate about using nurturing touch in creative ways to connect, resolve, play and heal. Nicolle has a practice near Redruth, Cornwall and visits people in the community. She delivers Story Massage sessions in schools and writes massage stories which address issues such as loss, attachment and bullying. Nicolle won an innovation award with the FHT for developing how to massage people who have dementia and was a finalist for the Holistic Therapy Magazines Inspiration Award in 2015 which reflects her aspiration for excellence.

Jessica Healy: Indian Head Massage Tutor School of Bodywork

Jessica BSc (Hons) PgDip. Jessica is passionate about Indian Head Massage and trained specifically in this wonderful therapy to an advanced level, she has also traveled extensively in India and come to a deep understanding of it’s roots and both the chakra and energy work involved. She is always excited to share her knowledge and personal experience of massage. In her own words: “Indian Head Massage is invigorating, relaxing, adaptable and portable, it appeals to a wide range of clients, including those who are initially hesitant to have a full couch treatment, but who via IHM often become long term clients.” She runs a successful therapy and teaching business, in South Devon and is an experienced massage therapist. In recent years, Jessica has focused on Pregnancy Massage, Toddler Yoga and Baby Massage.  Her background is in psychology, reiki and working with adults with special needs.

“Our tutor Jess has to be one of the best! Clear, supportive, inspiring, but most of all approachable” Melanie Wisland

Tutor: Indian Head Massage Diploma

Katie Whitehouse: Tutor pregnancy massage

Katie Whitehouse

Tutor: Pregnancy Massage Diploma

Katie is a leading figure in the field of pregnancy massage, she has over 20 years’ experience specialising in Pregnancy Massage; as well as in training massage therapists and midwives. Her mission is to communicate the benefits of positive touch in every day life. Katie explains that “to massage a woman throughout her pregnancy is a wonderful privilege. This everyday miracle of life is easy to take for granted – connecting through touch reminds us that it is indeed a miracle.” Pregnancy Massage, preparing for the birth and post-partum (after birth) are time when massage can be particularly beneficial and supportive to a woman, both physically and emotionally. Katie is the founding director of Vital Touch range of organic essential oils and massage oils and the Natalia range of natural products for pregnancy, birth and parents. also Pure Therapy – a Soil Association certified range of gorgeous body oils, balms, butters and body scrubs.

“Katie is an inspirational teacher, with a wealth of knowledge which she loves to share with others. She brings the subject to life and has an interest and deep understanding of both the physical and emotional well being of her clients.” Emma Gilmore

Jo Neusinger: Tutor myofascial Release Techniques


Assistant Tutor: Myofascial Release

Jo has been a Complementary Therapist for nearly twenty five years. In 2013 Jo discovered Myofascial Release and immediately realised its immense potential to move individuals forward in their healing process. Over the past three years she has trained intensively in this system, inspired by the profound effects it has had on herself and her clients.

Jo brings a lifetime of body working, healing and teaching experience to bear on her new passion, the practice and teaching of MFR. This rich and informed palette of skills makes her a knowledgeable, adaptable and conscientious teacher who is able to guide her students through their training with compassion, understanding and a deep love of the process of passing on such valuable skills.

Jo began teaching Reiki in 2000. She has a thriving practice offering massage, bodywork and healing, the core aim in all her work being to enable individuals to heal themselves. Jo is passionate about well-being and has developed skills throughout her career, training in Swedish Massage, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Sports Massage, No Hands Massage and Myofascial Release.