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The Tutors here at School of Bodywork are dedicated to your learning, all highly experienced and experts in the modality in which they tutor.

The enthusiasm and passion of our tutors is infectious; providing you with new skills and a renewed enthusiasm for your career.

Emma Gilmore APNT, iMFT, BCMA Reg, CST, BCST

Director & Senior Tutor at School of Bodywork, which she established in 2009. She is an advanced massage therapist with a background in Sports and Remedial Massage, currently specializing in Myofascial Release. Her study of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy greatly deepened her knowledge of human anatomy, fascia and the delicacy of the human condition. Emma shares her knowledge of how physical and emotional trauma manifests in our physiology causing pain, discomfort and pathologies, as well as the potential for its release through bodywork.


National Massage Championship

Emma’s passion for the benefits of bodywork are enthusiastically transmitted through her national and international teaching. She has been selected by the International Massage Association as an Educational Ambassador, recognising her as one of the key players in the International Massage Profession. She has been selected as head judge for the 2021 National Massage Championships, is a founding member of the Fascia Research Society (FRS) and writes regularly for Massage World Magazine and Positive Health Online.  She is currently researching a book on fascia and the body-mind complex.


Having been a bodywork therapist for 25 years, Emma shares her detailed knowledge in an accessible and engaging way. She encourages all students to develop their own style, drawing on their personal knowledge and experience when dealing with patientsCurrently teaching the Complete Bodyworker Diploma, as well as the Advanced Fascial Release Diploma.

Emma’s journey through the world of bodywork has been a very personal one of self-development and healing and it is with this understanding and sensitivity she shares her knowledge.

“I am deeply grateful to you as a teacher, attending your beautifully held Fascia Diploma has elevated my practice to a place where I can now see myself growing within and through my work for my lifetime.  My practice is now full to bursting, I’m not taking on new clients until September (written in May) and I have a dozen people on my waiting list all the time.  I just thought I’d let you know that the Fascial Therapy has really enhanced what I do and makes me feel that I have a really resilient, thriving and massively rewarding business as a result." Carina S 

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The Tutors

Cathy APNT Dip

Cathy has a successful massage practice offering a range of therapeutic treatments, for Cathy this was a welcome change of career after children. Having travelled extensively, she finds herself drawn to non-western modalities. Cathy has studied the Complete Bodyworker Diploma and Myofascial Release at the School of Bodywork and has been totally inspired by the teaching. She brings common sense and practical skills to her teaching, she is kind and patient. Cathy is passionate about giving her students everything they need to be able to confidently work as a therapist on completion of their studies.

Cathy believes Hot Stone Therapy is an invaluable tool for any massage therapist who wishes to work in a holistic way. It is a popular treatment which can be easily incorporated into current practice with clients saying they experience a deep and profound sense of relaxation. It is also a very relaxing and grounding treatment to give for therapist.

Tutor: Hot Stone Massage

Introduction to Massage


The Tutors

Joanna: BA(hons), PGCE, PG Dip. Vocal Studies (TCM), Hornsby Dip.

Holistic Massage & Aromatherapy, APNT Indian Head Massage, Massage for Pregnancy, Eastern Facelift MassageDeep Tissue & Advanced Massage, Soft Tissue Release & Myofascial Release.

Jo grew up in the beautiful Dart Valley in South Devon where her Mum still practises as a Herbalist & Reflexologist. Jo’s leaning towards natural medicine, developed into a passion for bodywork and the power of vital touch during her post graduate classical singing training at Trinity College of Music, London. By this time she was also a Secondary School Teacher, becoming further interested in how stress effects our physiology. Jo went on to specialise in working with students with Dyslexia whilst continuing to sing and train as a Massage Therapist & Aromatherapist.

Jo currently has a thriving Massage Therapy business in Ashburton and has recently launched her own natural product range: BUFF Natural Body Care available in 99% plastic free packaging. She is delighted to be joining the School of Bodywork as a tutor to combine her love of bodywork and teaching.

Tutor: Complete Bodyworker Diploma (Main Tutor), Rejuvenating Facelift Massage, her flawless complexion speaks volumes for the efficacy of the Facelift Massage.

The Tutors

Kate Browne

Kate joins us from the Cotswolds where she runs a successful massage businesses. She is trained in Holistic Massage, Remedial and Sports Massage. She has also completed a diploma in Pregnancy Massage.

Kate has always been passionate about delivering a high standard of massage therapy that is both intuitive and informed. She says, "I really believe in having a synergy between our understanding of what we're doing and the ability to work intuitively. When students struggled to remember names and accurate location of muscle anatomy, I thought a creative way to learn them was to paint them on the body to enrich and improve understanding."

Kate's knowledge and quality of her therapy was recognised in 2019 when she became the National Massage Champion, in her category of Advanced Massage Therapy. She also won the Judge's Choice Excellent Award.

Tutor: Body Paint Anatomy

The Tutors

Katie Whitehouse

Katie is a leading figure in the field of pregnancy massage, she has over 20 years’ experience specialising in Pregnancy Massage; as well as in training massage therapists and midwives. Her mission is to communicate the benefits of positive touch in every day life. Katie explains that “to massage a woman throughout her pregnancy is a wonderful privilege. This everyday miracle of life is easy to take for granted – connecting through touch reminds us that it is indeed a miracle.” Pregnancy Massage, preparing for the birth and post-partum (after birth) are time when massage can be particularly beneficial and supportive to a woman, both physically and emotionally. Katie is the founding director of Vital Touch range of organic essential oils and massage oils and the Natalia range of natural products for pregnancy, birth and parents. Also Pure Therapy – a Soil Association certified range of gorgeous body oils, balms, butters and body scrubs.

“Katie is an inspirational teacher, with a wealth of knowledge which she loves to share with others. She brings the subject to life and has an interest and deep understanding of both the physical and emotional well being of her clients.” Emma Gilmore

Tutor: Pregnancy Massage Diploma

The Tutors

Louise Mockford: Manager

Louise is the voice of the school, she is friendly, approachable, super organised and is the main contact for all the courses; happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have. Louise has always been passionate about helping others, having completed a Psychology Degree in 2007 with the intention of becoming a Counselling Psychologist in time.

Louise started her bodywork journey as an Equine Sports Massage Therapist which then led her to study human bodywork. She joined SOB to study the Complete Bodywork Diploma and has continued her studies with Hot Stones, Rejuvenating Facelift Massage, Scar Tissue Release, Remedial Massage Diploma and the Advanced Myofascial Release Diploma, which she finds simply amazing in the way that it can help both physically and emotionally/psychologically. She has her own busy clinic and brings her knowledge of her own practice and training experience to help guide both current students and prospective students.

The Tutors

Rachel: Administrator

Rachel is a Complete Bodyworker graduate and joins the School of Bodywork team with a wealth of business administrative experience having worked in a variety of settings, most recently for Devon Partnership NHS Trust. She is extremely organised, friendly and will be a welcoming first point of contact for you for any questions and queries.

Rachel has completed the Rejuvenating Facelift Massage and plans to complete many more of our CPD courses. She has a special interest in Pregnancy Massage, as well as trauma-based body therapy such as Myofascial Release which links in with her mental health service experience. She has her own massage clinic; Solis Massage Therapy in south Devon.