Supervision and skill enhancement days with Emma Gilmore

Supervision offers you support in all and every aspect of your business as a bodywork therapist. With my 27 years of experience, I strongly feel I can offer you the support you need to impove your clinical results and enjoy your work more. A different perspective can often help you navigate into a better place yourself, from which to support your clients. When working alone, an independent and neutral sounding board is often essential.

So how can I support you?

I can support you with so many aspects of your business, is there an area that you struggling with? Please get in touch. I can support you with:

  • Finding a work life balance; as natural givers, we can often give too much of ourselves without refuelling, let’s look at this together. I can support you to find a better balance and work the hours you want to work.
  • Charging appropriately; if this is your chosen career, you need to respect yourself enough to charge correctly. Would you go to a “cheap” therapist? I can support you find the self esteem to charge appropriately.
  • Being triggered by clients; do you ever look down your client list and groan? Why is this? We can look at who might trigger you and find strategies and resources to support you, enabling you to enjoy your work more.
  • Remaining grounded and present, even in the most challenging of treatments; when perhaps your client is in a state of overwhelm, has recently heard bad news. I can teach you to be present in these challenging times.
  • Getting comfortable in your own body when working; I am obsessive about good body mechanics! I can seriously help you with your posture in standing, as well as moving well around the body. I can assist with getting your bodyweight behind you techniques, rather than relying on body strength. I can teach you effective techniques to do whilst seated.
  • Do less achieve more; after 27 years in the industry I feel I know how to achieve great results, without over working – would you like me to share my tips with you? Then please get in touch.
  • Plus so much more; I feel confident I can find ways to support you to ensure you LOVE your work even more! Get in touch and let the new chapter of your career commence. Sending love and health to all you therapists out there. 


“Thank you Emma, on-going supervision has revolutionised my business, it has given me the skills to sit back and allow the treatment to unfold, without me working so hard. You helped me see my true worth, I have now put my prices up and am busier than ever! I am also now brave enough to stick to my cancellation policy. Supervision is definitely money well spent, and since I am earning more, so many of my other worries have fallen away. I cannot thank you enough.” S McC

Find our more about me and my personal journey through the wonderful world of bodywork HERE

I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to study with and work alongside so many world leaders and inspirational tutors in my time, it is the combined knowledge of many of these maestros that I bring with me, and use to support you. I still feel inspired by my work and feel confident that I can re inspire you. Details of pricing can be found below. 


Supervision: Offered one to one or in a group setting, via Zoom or in person

  • INDIVIDUAL: At my home Wellhayes near Lyme Regis. 

    • A day or time to suit you – please get in touch

    • Fee: £60 supervision 1 hour

  • GROUP DAYS: At my home Wellhayes near Lyme Regis, 10-2pm bring a sharing lunch.

    • Fee:£30 

    • Various dates in 2020 TBC

  • CPD points awarded

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