Table Top Thai Massage Techniques

Table top Thai Massage Techniques are a great way to bring variety into your work and alleviate the repetitive movements of a more traditional massage treatment. Thai massage is a fun and dynamic treatment, which can be easily incorporated into your current practice.

The table top Thai Massage course will teach you the fundamentals of Thai Massage and teach you how to effectively apply the techniques into your practice. You will therefore leave with the skills to enhance your treatment procedure. You will also learn specific techniques for patients’ postural issues. As a result of this course you will witness improved results amongst your client base.

You will be amazed at the benefits that sustained stretches and mobilisations will bring to your clients, thus reducing their pain and increasing their mobility.

Thai Massage enables you to use your whole body with comfort, flow and grace. By using your body weight effectively you will learn to apply momentum and dynamic stretch. You will learn to work from your centre, with good posture and use your whole body to limit the impact on individual joints. Take the strain out of your neck, shoulders and wrists, to enable you to practice longer and in a healthier way.

Often practitioners feel energised and more mobile after giving a Thai Massage treatment. You will learn more in two days than you thought possible, and will leave with skills and confidence to integrate these new skills directly into your practice.

Thai Massage is great for you, the practitioner. You will learn to use your whole body during treatment, increasing your mobility and strength. To ensure best practice and correct body-use each day will begin with a yoga style warm-up. Contraindications will be covered in detail to ensure you are working safely.

Table Top Dynamic Module: For two days you will focus on Thai Massage techniques and the practical application of these. Learn specific Thai Massage Techniques to address muscular-skeletal issues, lower back pain, sciatica, shoulder and neck stiffness, stress and tension. These dynamic stretches, deep acupressure points and mobilisation techniques help to reduce pain and stiffness in muscles and joints. They also increasing flexibility and mobility. The techniques will enable you to address patient’s postural imbalance and aid swift rehabilitation. These dynamic stretches increase energy flow throughout the body, therefore enhancing well-being. You will learn Sen Lines, allowing for a good understanding of points used for treating injury and rehabilitation.

Patients will benefit from these dynamic Thai Massage techniques which can be immediately incorporated into your existing couch practice, to enhance a treatment and offer your clients highly effective techniques for improving posture and flexibility.


Seated and Side-Lying Module: The focus of these 2 days is on side-lying and seated techniques. These techniques are relevant for pregnancy and post-natal, as well as for patients who struggle to lie prone and or supine due to postural complaints or very painful back and neck conditions. Seated techniques are also great for mobile massage, offering a short treatment to release upper back, shoulders and neck. As well as being able to incorporate into a full treatment session.

These techniques are great techniques for:

  • Mobilising and releasing the shoulders.
  • Opening hips and sides of the body.
  • Accessing TFL, gluteals, abductors and adductors.
  • Mobilising and releasing shoulders and neck.
  • Mobilising the thoracic spine.
  • Opening the chest: to help with breathing related issues.

An inspiring introduction to Thai Massage. Thank-you. I have come away with techniques to use straight away and a desire to learn more. I will be back!

Clare Perrot.

Dynamic Thai Massage

A fantastic, informative course. I can’t believe how much we learnt in 2 days. Thank-you.

Belinda Silcox.

Table Top Thai Massage Techniques

Ruth is a fantastic tutor and I felt totally supported throughout.

Helen Watts.

Dynamic Thai Massage

Learning how the different techniques can be used to balance the body and unlock areas of tightness and tension, has greatly helped my clients, over the years. These techniques have greatly increased my client base, for which I am so grateful.

Rebecca Blass.

Table Top Thai Massage Techniques.

Seated & Side-Lying Module:  2 Days: dates TBC. Please register your interest.

Table Top Dynamic Module: 2 days: dates TBC. Please register your interest.

CPD: 14 CPD points awarded by APNT per module

Fee: £195 per module

Tutor: Ruth Bell.

Certificate of attendance awarded by School of Bodywork.

Sadly we cannot refund your course fee. If a minimum of 4 weeks notice is given, your fee can be transferred to another course. Your fee will confirm your place on the course and your commitment to training. In the unusual event that you do not wish to complete the course the full balance of course fees is still payable.

Thai Massage
Dynamic Thai Massage Techniques

Class sizes are small to ensure individual attention and therefore places are limited. Please book your place via the tab opposite.