Remedial Massage Diploma

Remedial Massage Diploma APNT accredited.

Improve your clinical results and client base by addressing musculoskeletal conditions. Enrol on our 10 day Remedial Massage Diploma to achieve better results for a wider selection of patients. The diploma course is designed to enable you to treat injuries, whether sustained through sport, work, lifestyle or posture. Develop your existing skills, build confidence, refresh your knowledge, improve your clinical results, your client base and therefore increase income.

During the Remedial Massage Diploma you will develop your anatomical knowledge and improve practical skills to enhance your working practice. Learn advanced massage techniques and increase your confidence, whist paying attention to body mechanics. Learn how to take an analytical approach to common pathologies that are likely to present in practice. Build a range of advanced skills and understanding required to assess problems, develop and apply an appropriate treatment plan. All of these skills are especially relevant if your patients are presenting with complex pathologies.

Remedial Massage Diploma: Student interaction.

The remedial diploma has given me a whole new set of skills and the confidence to use them appropriately with my clients. The teaching as always with the School of Bodywork has been nurturing and inspirational. It has been a great help to have the support of my teachers. The back up from professionals is priceless. Thank-you very much.

Belinda Silcox

Remedial Massage Diploma: Leg mobilisation.

My certificate arrived yesterday – I cannot believe I got 85%. I am really chuffed with my result. Thank you, you really are a fab teacher and I could not have done it without your support and enthusiasm. You are a star.

Karen P

Remedial Massage Diploma: Assessment.

Course details

Take your massage practice to the next level with this brilliant diploma course. Combine a hands-on approach to advanced massage techniques alongside in-depth anatomy and physiology. The Remedial Massage Diploma is a natural progression from Swedish Massage. If you are ready for the next step in your professional development, this is the course for you.

It is essential to always consider the body as an integrated whole, however, we have devised individual workshops to enable you to focus on one area at a time. As a result you will really get to grips with the relevant and advanced techniques for specific body areas before moving on.

Entry requirement

A respected Massage Qualification, an Anatomy Physiology qualification, plus at least six months clinical experience. Interview compulsory to ensure the course is right for you. Please bring qualifying certificate.

Individual Study Days

Invaluable techniques to keep your patients active and mobile; thus improving your clinical results.

Day 1, September 19th 2017; Check in with current practice, getting to grips with building pressure.

Day 2, October 3rd 2017: Deep Tissue Massage for Back: Back-ache is the most common complaint we are presented with as therapists. Review back muscles and earn to effectively address common back disorders. Learn to assess and re-assess patients, therefore recording clinical improvement. Review your posture as a therapist to enable deep work without injury to self.
Day 3, October 17th 2017: Deep Tissue Massage for Neck & Chest &amp: Review muscles and address muscular imbalance. Learn invaluable techniques, for those difficult to shift neck & chest problems. Learn to treat common disorders such as whiplash, and breathing restrictions. Effectively treat the evasive scalenes! Learn to asses and re-asses, and therefore witness the effectiveness of your work.
Day 4, October 31st 2017: Deep Tissue for Shoulder & Arm: in-depth anatomy of the rotator cuff muscles and more. Investigate common disorders, such as frozen shoulders. Learn to effectively assess and treat the whole shoulder girdle. Advanced techniques to include deep tissue and positional release, mobilizations and home care advice.
Day 5, November 14th 2017: Deep Tissue Massage for Hip & Legs:  Learn in-depth anatomy for the powerful hip and leg. Discuss common disorders, assessment and treatment. Apply advanced techniques to include METs, palpation, compression, METs and mobilizations; side lying techniques to access ITB and more.
Day 6, November 28th 2017: Body Reading & Postural Observation: This invaluable workshop teaches you to read the body and what to do with the information acquired. Recognise, for example areas where superficial and deep tissues are stuck and how to resolve this, thus bringing pain relief to patients. Assess where patients hold their weight and what muscles are compromised. Skills-Integration: review and consolidate new skills, how to incorporate these into a current practice. Review:  your consultation form, how to assess and re-assess.

Day 7, January 9th 2018: Injury management – Acute, Sub Acute and Chronic: Study will include physiology, causes, assessment and treatment of injury. Understanding of which will improve you clinical results. Introduction to heat and cryotherapy.

Day 8, January 23rd 2018: Advanced techniques: To reduce pain and increase mobility whilst protecting your body. Myofascial Release techniques including sacro-lumbar disengagement. Incredibly effective MET’s (muscle energy techniques for adductors, hamstring, quads, hip flexors, QL, various neck muscles and the rotatores of the Erector Spinae). Stretch and advanced Mobilisations. STR (soft tissue release) and NMT (neuro-muscular techniques).

Day 9, February 20th 2018: Home care advice, referral and re-booking: principles for home care, assessment, guidelines, practitioner responsibility and referral. Learn some really effective home care techniques to support your clinical work and empower patients.  Skills integration.

Day 10, March 6th: Consolidation and review. Mock exam with internal examiner.

Day 11, March 20th: External examination and group feedback

Professional APNT Diploma also requires the completion of treatment diary and Case Reports.

Results: 100% pass rate

2015 students:
75% Distinction
25% Credit

Remedial Massage Diploma

Current Course: September 2017. See text above.

Next Course Begins: 16th October 2018 New Course Dates

Duration: 11 days over 7 months: 10-5pm

Course Fee: NEW PRICE £995

Remedial Exam Fee: £95

Deposit: £335 required to reserve a place

Sadly your deposit is non-refundable. If at least 4 weeks notice is given your deposit can be transferred to another course. Your deposit will confirm your place on the course and your commitment to training. In the unusual event that you do not wish to complete the course the full balance of course fees is still payable in full.

Ruth is a fantastic tutor, I felt totally supported throughout.

Helen Watts

Remedial Massage Diploma: Musculo-skeletal system.
Remedial Massage Diploma: Palpation
Remedial Massage Diploma: Leg mobilisations.
Remedial Massage Diploma: Leg traction.

To complete the Remedial Diploma: attend all days, complete homework & case studies plus attend 1 hour practical exam.

Treatment Journal:

You are expected to keep an on-going treatment journal, to record the treatments given and encourage reflective practice.

Case Studies
6 treatment reports giving a synopsis of three treatments to cover:
• assessment.
• objectives.
• overview of techniques used.
• results obtained.
• home-care advice.

To be presented no more than 6 months post exam day (case reports will not be returned).