Fascial Release Workshops

The Fascial Release Workshops are the basis for the Advanced Fascial Release Diploma – a minimum of 16 days study. The workshops can be taken at your own pace and need to be taken in order. Should you want to complete the Advanced Fascial Release Diploma in future then all completed workshops will go towards this.

Fascial Release techniques are an invaluable addition for bodywork therapists wishing to get to the bottom of chronic injuries. Emotional holding patterns are also accessed through these extremely powerful and effective techniques. Enrolling on this course will revolutionise your practice, and increase your client base. Enrol on this course and you will not look back! As one student said:

These invaluable techniques revolutionised my clinical work and I gained get better results faster and repeat custom increased enormously. I have not looked back since I enrolled on the Myofascial Release Diploma. I appreciate the clear and thorough way you taught the techniques.

Liz Waite.

Myofascial Release Diploma: Sacro-lumbar cross hand release

The techniques:
These amazingly effective techniques equip you to deal with chronic injuries at their root. Learn to deal with the physical as well as emotional component of injury. For patients who feel they have tried everything myofascial release can bring them profound pain relief, increased mobility and therefore a greater sense of well-being. As a result of enrolling on this course your practice will build from word of mouth alone.

Our Fascial Release Training gives you a thorough understanding of the importance of full body treatment and the integration of Fascial release techniques into your current practice. You will learn a multitude of techniques, both direct and indirect that cannot fail to enhance your current working practice. Bring fast, long lasting results to your patients on a physical, emotional and energetic level and therefore enjoy the rewards of a busier clinic.

About fascia.
Fascia is the most abundant tissue in the body. It is a continuous 3D web of connective tissue which infuses, supports and surrounds all organs and tissues within the body. Fascia is our shock absorber. Due to the connective nature of fascia, one restriction may lead to another, pulling the body out of alignment and creating compensatory patterns. As a result, this may cause postural disturbances, pain, repetitive strain type injuries, and other pathologies. Learn to effectively release fascial restrictions and the body’s holding patterns. Bring profound pain relief and increase mobility. As a result of gaining better clinical results, your practice will build. Leave with the skills to free up fascial restrictions, increase lymphatic and cardio-vascular flow, and enhance health and well-being in your patients.

The cyto-skeleton has a fascial component, so once you are familiar with these techniques you can have an impact at a cellular level. You can therefore enhance a patient’s health at a cellular level.

Additional Skills:
We train you the therapist to quiet your mind and hold the space to enable you to safely and effectively facilitate the release of the emotional component of injury. This missing component of bodywork has a profound impact on patient’s health and well-being. As Peter Levine a New York based psychologist and expert in trauma.said. “Until we understand that traumatic symptoms are physiological as well as psychological, we will be woefully inadequate in our attempts to heal them.”

Myofascial Release Diploma: Direct fascial technique: Skin roll around ribs

 Who’s the course for?
Here at SoB we have trained Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists and Chiropractors in fascial techniques. All these modalities now use this profound work to reduce pain and increase mobility. Health and well-being can be enhanced on an emotional and physical level. To deepen your understanding of Fascial Release more details can be found HERE:

About the course.

Entry Requirement: Pre-requisite: Level 3 A&P  plus a professional qualification in bodywork at a minimum of Level 3. Training in Remedial Massage or Deep Tissue Massage is an advantage to maximise understanding and the efficacy of the fascial techniques.

The Fascial Release Workshops are broken down into 3 manageable courses. With time between each for you to consolidate skills and integrate the techniques into your current practice. You can spread the time between each level that suits you, but the levels must be completed in order, starting with the Foundation Level.

Foundation Level: 3 days: 10-5.30pm. 21 CPD points

Intermediate Level: 3 days: 10-5.30pm. 21 CPD points

Accomplished Level: 3 days: 10-5.30pm. 21 CPD points

If you would like to sign up for the Advanced Fascial Release Diploma (a total of 16 days study to include the 3 courses above) then please click here for more information.

Myofascial Release Diploma: Feeling into scar tissue, waiting for a release

Have you read our regular articles in Massage World Magazine exploring and discussing Fascial Release? 

Fascial Release Workshops. 2020


Foundation Level: £330, 21 CPD points

          Thurs-Sat February 13th-15th 2020

Intermediate Level: £330, 21 CPD points

          Thurs-Sat March 26th-28th 2020

Accomplished Level: £330, 21 CPD points

          Thurs-Sat May 7th-9th 2020

Then continue on to the Advanced Fascial Release Diploma should you wish.

Peterborough Location:

Dates TBC
Please register your interest to info@schoolofbodywork.com.
Ashwood Chiropractic Clinic. 63 Church Street, Peterborough.

In order to complete the 16 day advanced diploma and be entered for the exam you will need attend all 3 levels. Plus a further 6 advanced study days and 1 consolidation day. Case studies and a record diary are also required. More details.

Fees are non-refundable. If a minimum of 4 weeks notice is given the fee can be transferred onto another course. Your fee will confirm your place on the course and therefore your commitment to training.

Contact Us. HERE.

Myofascial Release has transformed the way I practice as a Chiropractor, when Emma introduced me to Fascial Release, I had no idea of the impact this technique would have, not only on the results of my treatment but also on my Clinic. I love the way Fascial Release works in synergy with adjustments, gently encouraging what was a stubborn imbalance to melt away under the lightest of touch, almost acting like a foundation to enable the effectiveness of adjustments to be intensified. Integrating facia release into a treatment has delivered enhanced, faster more efficient results, seeing patients less frequently, which in turn has resulted in a significant increase in the number of referrals, making for a very busy Clinic. Thank you Emma for opening my senses to the possibilities.

Lesley Manyweathers.

Registered Chiropractor

Myofascial Release Diploma: Direct fascial technique into the Iliacus

Since I completed the Fascial Release Diploma at the School of Bodywork my work schedule has been so busy. I remember Emma warning us that this would happen; however I didn’t realise just how successful my business would become. My treatments have excelled forward with the results I’m achieving. I was working as a mobile therapist. But I have now opened up a clinic to save travelling time and allow me more time to cater for the demand. I would definitely recommend the Fascial Release Diploma if you are looking for techniques to really boost your treatments with positive results and therefore expand your business.

Julie O’Neill from mobile therapist to clinic…

The Fascial Release Diploma totally transformed my practice with an abundance of new clients and techniques from foundation level on-wards. Thank-you for your wisdom and insights.

Helen Watts.

The Myofacsial Release Diploma totally transformed my practice with an abundance of new clients and techniques from foundation level on-wards. Thank-you for your wisdom and insights.

Helen Watts.

Emma thank you SO much for all your hard work and patience on our course. You are an inspiration, and I am so glad to have had you as my teacher. Thank-you.

Jo Neusinger.

Myofascial Release Diploma: Cross hand release for the Ilio-tibial band

An amazing course, with an excellent teacher. I definitely want to take it to the next level.

Kaya Woods.

Thank you so much for teaching the Fascial Release Diploma course. All three levels were amazing and you are a fabulous teacher! I learnt so much and released so much!! I love your style of teaching and look forward to doing more courses with you.

Gail Gabriel.

I received my exam results and certificate for the Fascial Release Diploma in the post today. I am very happy with the result and particularly impressed with the feedback. It was extremely fair criticism and very helpful. I have never had such observant feedback of my performance, and this confirms my confidence in your tutoring at the School of Bodywork and the APNT examining board.

Jon Stocks.

Myofascial Release Diploma: Leg pull to access deep into the fascial system

I think you’ve got the balance close to perfect and I loved all the hands on work. Very please to have commenced the Fascial Release Diploma.


An excellent course, I loved it. I am tired but not overloaded. A very good balance. Thank you.

Tanya Roland Small.

“Having recently been introduced to the Fascial Release techniques what I have quickly ascertained is that Fascial Release really enables me to problem solve for clients. The very first client I had came with shoulder injuries / rotator cuff problems. Whilst massage has been very good, Fascial Release has enabled me to have even better results. In cases completely removing the pain. I love the way Fascial Release is so subtle and non invasive but the results are amazing. I am a beginner with these techniques, however, I already know they will be a fundamental part of how I treat. I already integrate them into my treatments and I cannot wait to finish my diploma so I can use it on its own!”

Sam M