Indian Head Massage Diploma

The Indian Head Massage Diploma is an inspirational course and a great marketing tool, therefore giving potential to increase your client base. You can incorporate these popular, versatile, portable techniques, into your current practice, giving diversity to your treatment. Increase your skills, client base and therefore income.

This truly unique Diploma teaches you a comprehensive 1 hour Indian Head Massage treatment; which can be short-end and adapted. Learn how to adapt these fantastic skills for use during a traditional couch massage treatment, adding variety to your existing skills. Trace the therapy back to its roots and encompass essential elements of Ayurvedic bodywork. Indian Head Massage works with the physical, mental and emotional energies bringing them back into balance. You will have the opportunity to work with marma points, which will add extra potency to your massage. You will learn the background to Indian Head Massage and how it has developed over the years. This versatile therapy that can be adapted for use in many non-traditional environments such as offices and festivals.

I am honoured to teach the Indian Head Massage at School of Bodywork. This profound therapy is wonderful to both give and receive. I have been practising Indian Head Massage for over 10 years. Working in diverse settings such as care homes, youth clubs, a family centre, festivals, chiropractic clinic and as a mobile therapist.  Indian approaches to health and well-being fascinate me.

Indian Head Massage is portable, adaptable, accessible and a deeply rewarding therapy to practice. Students have commented how good they feel after giving the treatments. Clients often comment how much younger they look, hence this is a great marketing tool! This profound treatment often facilitates an emotional as well as a physical response in clients, which deeply enhances well-being.

We are more stressed and less in touch with our bodies spiritual and emotional needs than ever as a Nation. So no wonder Indian head massage is growing in popularity!”

Jessica Healy

Indian Head Massage Tutor

Lovely course and tutor, I loved the energy work and am looking forward to using Indian Head Massage in practice. Enjoyable treatment to give.

Louise Reynolds

Jessica Healy one of our Indian Head Massage tutors showing some of the wonderful techniques. Enjoy!


I loved the Indian Head Massage Diploma, I especially enjoyed the Marma point and Chakra work. Great to learn the traditional way with oil too. Fantastic, very thorough course, more detailed than other courses I looked at. The tutor was sensitive to our individual needs and brought out the best in everyone. I would definitely recommend School of Bodywork to anyone looking to study massage of any kind.

Sophie Graves

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage Diploma 2018

Monday 8th & Tuesday 9th October
Monday 12th & Tuesday 13th November

Time: 10-5.00pm

Tutor: Bel Silcox

Course Book: Indian Head Massage by Helen McGuiness.

Course Fee: £395

Exam Fee: £95

Deposit: £95 required to reserve a place.

In 2017 this was a 3 day certificated course it is now a 4 day diploma course.

Sadly we cannot refund your deposit. If a minimum of 4 weeks notice is given, the deposit can then be transferred to another course. Your deposit will confirm your place on the course and your commitment to training. In the unusual event that you do not wish to complete the course the full balance of course fees is still payable..

Brain storm, labeling the skull, revision
Indian Head Massage

Results: 100% pass rate

2015 students:
90% Distinction
10% Credit

Case Study Requirements: 100 IHM treatments to be recorded on a form provided. The emphasis is on the treatment rather than the write up.

To consolidate your knowledge and ensure your effectiveness as a therapist.

I loved the fact we were taught how to incorporate the Indian Head Massage techniques into couch work, they will be invaluable to enhance my current practice on so many levels – my patients will be overjoyed!

Gemma Evans