Fascinating Fascia

 The wonderful world of Fascia!

This one day course will give you information on the important role of fascia “the most abundant tissue in the body”. You will earn about the different fascial mechanoreceptors (Robert Schleip’s research) and their role in tissue manipulation.

You will be introduced to a very different way of touch, permissive yet deeply effective, which deals with chronic injuries at their core. These very specific fascial techniques can be immediately be integrated into your practise to gain amazing results.

Cross Hand Release the “work horse” of fascial release
Fascial compressions – both techniques can be used anywhere on the body

These techniques will revolutionise your practice from this one day course.

Postgraduate training for qualified therapists. 

Pre-requisite for the Scar Tissue Release course for those who have not completed any of our Myofascial Release training previously.



Fascinating Fascia

Dates: 14th January 2020

Times: 10am to 5.30pm

Pre-requisite: Massage or bodywork qualification and Anatomy & Physiology at Level 3. If you are unsure of your eligibility please contact us.

Tutor: Emma Gilmore

Course Fee: £115 


Introduction to Massage: Professional, friendly and supportive tutors.

“Having recently been introduced to the MFR techniques what I have quickly ascertained is that MFR really enables me to problem solve for clients. The very first client I had came with shoulder injuries / rotator cuff problems. Whilst massage has been very good, MFR has enabled me to have even better results. In cases completely removing the pain. I love the way MFR is so subtle and non invasive but the results are amazing. I am a beginner with these techniques, however, I already know they will be a fundamental part of how I treat. I already integrate them into my treatments and I cannot wait to finish my diploma so I can use it on its own!”

Sam M