CPD Massage Workshops

CPD massage workshops.
Are an essential component of our commitment to our clients, it is also an opportunity for your own self development. An opportunity to connect with like minded people. We strive to bring you varied and interesting CPD massage workshops every year. Study with inspirational tutors with up to 25 years experience in the industry. Continuing to study brings you better results, a wider client base and the ability to increase your income. All our CPD massage workshops give you the opportunity to build confidence, develop and enhance existing skills, refresh and deepen your knowledge, broaden your practice & get inspired. These CPD workshops are for qualified therapists who wish to learn advanced bodywork skills, to optimise and enhance existing practice. Click here to print a list of all Massage Courses, Diplomas & CPD days.

Generic Deep Tissue Workshop: £115. This workshop is the foundation for all our Deep Tissue workshops, giving you a clear understanding of Deep Tissue techniques and the theory behind them before going on to work specifically on the areas below. Review your posture as a therapist to enable deep work without injury to self. We highly recommend that you attend this training before the specific Deep Tissue days below, to deepen your understanding and approach. 29th October 2019 9am to 5pm. 8 CPD Points awarded by APNT. More details and booking.

Deep Tissue Massage for Back: £115.“The main cause for work days lost was musculoskeletal conditions (neck and back pain), leading to 31 million days lost” NHS. Learn invaluable techniques to keep your patients healthy, active, mobile and pain free. Review relevant muscles, address common disorders and learn effective assessment procedures. Your patients will be overjoyed with the improved results. An essential addition to any therapist’s ‘toolbox’.  12th November 2019 9am to 5pm.  8 CPD points awarded by APNT  More details and booking.

Deep Tissue Massage for Neck and Chest: £115. Invaluable techniques, for difficult to shift neck & chest problems. Review muscles, address imbalance, learn techniques for common disorders such as whiplash, and breathing restrictions. Effectively treat scalenes, SCM, pectorals, levator scapular. Learn to asses and re-asses movement of the neck and witness the effectiveness of your work. A must for all therapists. 10th December 2019 9am to 5pm. 8 CPD points awarded by APNT More details and booking.

Deep Tissue Massage for Shoulder & Arm: £115. How often can you not quite get to the bottom of that painful or restricted shoulder problem? Learn invaluable techniques to free up restrictions, review relevant muscles and common disorders, learn invaluable assessment procedures. Leave with the tools to achieve better results. 8 CPD points awarded by APNT 28th January 2020 9am to 5pm. More details and booking.

Deep Tissue Massage for Hip & Leg: £115. In-depth anatomy, common disorders, assessment and treatment. Advanced techniques to include METs, palpation, compression, METs mobilizations and side lying techniques to access ITB and other muscle groups. 8 CPD points awarded by APNT. 11th February 2020 9am to 5pm.More details and booking.

Advanced Massage Techniques 2 day course: £230. To reduce pain and learn incredibly effective MET’s (muscle energy techniques). Stretching and advanced Mobilisations with an influence from Thai massage. STR’s and NMT’s . You will gain amazing results with these varied and effective techniques. 24th March & 21st April 2020 9am to 5pm each day. More details and booking. 16 CPD points awarded by APNT. 

Cranial and Intraoral (MFR): £230 Learn advanced techniques over 2 days to bring space into the cranium and allow for self correction, techniques may be useful for migraine, birth trauma among others. MFR students/graduates only. Intraoral to be carried out with latex gloves. 16th & 17th July 2020 9am to 5pm. More details and booking. 16 CPD Points awarded by APNT.

Spine and Sacrum (MFR): £230. Learn to effectively release the sacrum, deal with lateral shifts and rotations through the torso, balance the pelvic girdle and release the erector spinae. Invaluable techniques for MFR graduates. More details and booking. 16th & 17th September 2019 10am to 5pm. 14 CPD Points awarded by APNT.

Unwinding (MFR): £230 Learn how to facilitate and experience myofascial unwinding, the spontaneous movement of the body or body part during an MFR treatment. This is a safe and effective way of releasing restrictions and emotional holding patterns from the subconscious. 8th & 9th June 9am to 5pm. More details and booking. 16 CPD Points awarded by APNT.

Rebounding (otherwise knows as Pulsing): £115. Learn to rock the body or body-part rhythmically, as a diagnostic tool, to help release tension and trauma, this technique can be done as part of a treatment or as a stand alone therapy, it can be done clothed. Open to all bodywork therapists. 12th May 2020 9am to 5pm. More details and booking. 8 CPD points awarded by APNT.

Additional Needs Massage. £110. A fascinating workshop. Learn to work confidently with and greatly enhance the lives of both adults and children with severe additional needs including Cerebral Palsy, Autism, ADHD, touch phobia and wheel chair bound, get rid of the dogma. Friday 18th October 2019 9am to 5pm.  More details and booking. 8 CPD points awarded by APNT.

CPD Massage Workshops: 10 – 5pm (please note that from 1st October 2019 all courses will run from 9am-5pm) 

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Rebounding: 12th May 2020 

Fascinating Fascia: 14th January 2020

Entry Requirements:

All students are required to have a professional qualification in Anatomy Physiology and Massage, and have a current practice.

CPD massage workshops: Bringing anatomy to life

We were fortunate to have a small group which facilitated our learning.

Kaya Woods

CPD massage workshops: Advanced neck massage.

The teaching as always with the School of Bodywork has been nurturing and inspirational.

Belinda Silcox

CPD massage workshops: Seated massage techniques.

Great content and very inspirational teaching.

Alice Pollak

Emma is a tremendous teacher, with the ability to help students understand all the realms of massage, she should be writing books, making DVDs and doing talks around the country! Every massage therapist needs some time with you, inspirational, knowledgeable and kept me laughing in times of need; thanks!

Ruth Collier

CPD massage workshops: Supportive tutors.

An excellent exploration of the skills and sensitivites required to massage patients with Special Needs – Thank you

Jane Woods

A sensitive and experienced practitioner placing an importance on energy and how best to work. Learnt practical and useable techniques and it was great to share information with the group. Thank you.

Lorna Wagstaff

A very therapeutic day – informative, thought provoking and nurturing too. Drawing different elements into the general theme of Special Needs.

Danny O'Reilly

Lovely day, great people on the course making it a worthwhile CPD day. Helpful and informative. Emma always trains using her experiences, which is wonderful.

Lorna Wagstaff