Aromatherapy in a Nutshell


Aromatherapy in a nutshell is a truly informative one day course. In the morning you will receive an in-depth introduction to a minimum of 12 Plant-Based Massage Oils. Discover the oils through sight, touch and smell. You can then introduce all base oils into your massage practice for their specific therapeutic effects. In the afternoon you will learn about and work with five specially prepared aromatherapy products. Both elements of the day will give you a whole new dimension to your clinical work.  As a result of this course you will be able to offer enhanced treatments. In addition you will increase the value of what you offer; this will enable you to charge more.

Aromatherapy: Field of sun-flowers; sunflower oil
Aromatherapy: Rose-hips

I had the pleasure of Sarah Bryan’s expertise as she taught us an aromatherapy module. Sarah is very knowledgeable, she is straightforward and answered all of our silly questions with grace and humour. She strikes me as a highly intelligent woman. She shared her wealth of knowledge with patience and clarity. Thank-you.

Kathy Loyson.

The morning will explore:

• The nature of fats and oils and their importance in the human body.
• Basic chemical make-up of fats and oils.
• Why oils go rancid and how to maximise their shelf life.
• The pros and cons of refined versus unrefined plant-based oils.
• What to look for when purchasing oils suitable for massage.
• The therapeutic properties of twelve plant-based oils and how to use them.
• How to select oils appropriate for your clients’ needs.
• Cautions and contra-indications.

You will have the opportunity to give and receive massage with a bespoke blend of base oils, based on the principles which you have learned. You will receive information on oils for treating specific conditions. As a consequence of this course all of your treatments will be enhanced.

The afternoon will explore:

The SB Holistic “Magic” Range: Safe, effective Aromatherapy for Massage and Bodywork.

Safely and effectively enhance the benefits of your massage therapy with wonderful aromatherapy. This workshop, will introduce you to a toolkit of five specifically designed products. These products will enable you to enhance the therapeutic value of your treatments.

Aromatherapy: Discussing the benefits of base-oils
  • Muscle Magic: A warming massage oil for muscles and joints. To enhance the benefits of massage and ease pain.
  • Scar Magic: A nourishing massage balm for scars and adhesions. To support healing and tissue re-modelling .
  • Nerve Magic: A soothing massage oil for nerves and muscles. To facilitate massage over nerve impingement.
  • Rescue Magic: A cooling cream for early acute phase recovery. To apply after injury or deep tissue massage techniques.
  • Myofascial Magic: To facilitate engagement of the therapist’s hands into the tissue. To warm the fascia.

The therapeutic properties of “Magic”.

Learn the therapeutic properties of the key ingredients and how to safely and effectively use the products. Explore the products in a range of massage-based activities. By the end of the workshop, you will fully understand the ‘Magic’ product range. You will feel confident to use the products for the benefit of your clients, as a result enhancing your clients experience. No additional professional liability insurance cover is required. Aromatherapy focuses on the specific therapeutic properties of essential and carrier oils. These unique products and course put the  emphasis on enhancing the benefits of holistic, sports and remedial massage techniques with the therapeutic values of plant-based essential and carrier oils.  This is a fairly unique way of using aromatherapy products. More commonly they are used for relaxation alone.

When using specialist products therapists usually charge more for their treatments. Completion of this course will enable you to offer a more bespoke service and this can therefore be reflected in your price.

The ‘Magic’ range will be available to purchase. With a 10% discount available to all School of Bodywork delegates.

Aromatherapy in a Nutshell.

Date: TBC

Time: 10-5pm.

Fee: £120.

Certificate of attendance awarded by School of Bodywork.


Sadly we cannot refund your course fee. If a minimum of 4 weeks notice is given, your fee can be transferred to another course. Your fee will confirm your place on the course and your commitment to training. In the unusual event that you do not wish to complete the course the full balance of course fees is still payable.

Sarah delivered an interesting and informative session about oils. She has a wealth of knowledge on the subject and triggered my curiosity to develop more knowledge and apply in practice! A great session.

Rose Nichol.

Here is the list of delicious and nutritious oils. You will have the chance to explore and experiment with a minimum of 12 base oils in the morning. Plus five “magic” products in the afternoon. Click HERE for full details.



Aromatherapy: exploring the joys and benefits of oil.

I knew absolutely nothing about oils prior to the session with Dr Sarah Bryan. I found her teaching style highly interactive and engaging. Her interest and knowledge of oils was infectious. I was able to smell, feel and taste a number of oils which has and will continue to inform my massage practice. Thank you.

Joanne Battershill.