Advanced Myofascial Release Diploma

Advanced Myofascial Release Diploma.
Our Advanced Myofascial Release Diploma is unique to the School of Bodywork. The diploma takes place over 14 days, in separate modules. You can therefore attend modules at a pace to suit you. All our tutors have studied to an exceptionally high level in fascial work, energy work and or craniosacral work. We therefore deliver a safe, effective and highly sought after diploma. Once you have completed our myofascial release foundation, intermediate and accomplished levels, you can then go on to our advanced training which consist of 8 days. You chose a minimum of 5 advanced training days from the list below in order to complete your APNT Diploma.


In order to fulfil the requirements for the APNT Advanced Myofascial Release Diploma, you will be required to complete case studies (4 people treated 6 times each). Plus complete a treatment diary, with 60 entries of treating patients with MFR. Attend a practical and oral examination: Date Friday 12th October 2018.

Sadly we cannot refund your deposit, unless at least 4 weeks notice is given. In which case the deposit can be transferred to another course. Your deposit will confirm your place on the course and therefore your commitment to training.

You can download the full course details HERE.

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A wonderful course with a lovely group, thank you Emma for all your guidance and support in what has been an enlightening experience at many levels.

Dr. Lesley Manyweathers.

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Individual modules to make up the Advanced Myofascial Release Diploma listed below. Choose a minimum of 5 days to complete the diploma training. Book your chosen modules on-line. We REALLY look forward to sharing these wonderful techniques with you.  Deepen your knowledge and therefore enhance your clinical results.

***SAVE WHEN BOOKING*** by booking three or more days of Advanced Myofascial Release courses listed below, you will be entitled to significant savings which are available for selection within the booking options on these courses.

BOOK 3 days = £310 (save £20)
BOOK 4 days = £410 (save £30)
BOOK 5 days = £500 (save £50)

Cranial & Intraoral.

Invaluable, subtle yet powerful advanced techniques to bring space into the cranium. These techniques allow for self-correction to take place, which will improve health and function, as well as reduce pain. Techniques may be beneficial in treating:
• Tinitus.
• Migraine.
• Birth trauma.
• Dental-work trauma.
• Tempor0-mandibular Joint Disorder, as well as other jaw dysfunctions.
Intra-oral work will be carried out with latex gloves.
One day of the Advanced Myofascial Release Diploma.

Advanced Myofascial Release Diploma: Digastric work

Cranial and Intraoral:  March 22nd 2019

Pre-requisite: Foundation & Intermediate level.

CPD: points awarded by APNT.
Fee: £110

Spine, Sacrum and Coccyx.

Learn how to gently and effectively treat:
• Lateral shifts.
• Balance the sacrum & pelvic girdle.
• Realign the coccyx.
• Release Erector Spinae.
• Apply METs to increase rotation of the torso.
• Decompress sacrolumbar junction.
These invaluable techniques will reduce pain and increase function in your patients.

One day of the Advanced Myofascial Release Diploma.

Advanced Myofascial Release Diploma: De-rotate ilia.

Spine, sacrum and coccyx: 2 days April 15th & 16th 2019

Pre-requisite: Foundation & Intermediate level.

CPD: points awarded by APNT.

Fee: £220

The Spine & Sacrum course has given me an amazing new set of skills to more effectively correct rotations of the pelvis, sacrum and vertebrae, plus techniques to deal with lateral shifts through the body. Invaluable techniques for any MFR bodywork therapist.

Jo Neusinger.


Learn to rhythmically rock or pulse the body or an individual body parts; as a result the body spontaneously lets go of and releases holding patterns. Find the bodies own natural rhythm and work with this. Rebounding can be integrated into any bodywork treatment or used as a stand alone therapy. Rebounding can also be done clothed or undressed.
Use as:
• A diagnostic tool to treat and free up physical restrictions in the body.
• A self-corrective mechanism.
• A stand-alone treatment or part of a treatment.
• Can be done clothed.

Work from anywhere on the body:
• Sacrum and Torso.
• Shoulders and Arms.
• Legs and Feet.
A stand alone study day or one day of the Advanced Myofascial Release Diploma.

“Fantastic techniques, which I feel I can incorporate into ALL my treatments, to give an additional dimension. Thank-you” CG

Rebounding: July 9th 2019

Prerequisite: open to all bodywork professionals.

CPD: points awarded by APNT.
Fee: £110

Advanced Myofascial Release: Rebounding

Scar Tissue Release.

Learn in-depth myofascial techniques to treat the collagenous component of scar tissue. Learn to explore beyond the scar itself to palpate the damaged tissue. As a result of this course you will be able to reduce pain and improve function. Specific techniques release adhesions and scarring. Day 2 we will work on members of the public with surgical scars. We commonly treat:
• Caesarean Section.
• Hysterectomy.
• Appendicitis.
• Heart surgery.

The acquired skills can also be applied to scarring from any other surgery, including hip and knee replacements.

The aim of the treatment is to:
• Reduce pain and restriction.
• Reduce cording and dragging.
• Create better internal function.
• Reduce adhesions, both superficially and deep within the system.
• Restore nerve function. To include numbness, pain and sensitivity.
• Enhance movement of the surrounding tissues, to reduce pulling and sticking.

Scar Tissue Release:  2 days July 12th & 13th 2018 and May 20th & 21st 2019

Pre-requisite: Open to all bodywork professionals.

CPD: points awarded by APNT.

Fee: £220

Advanced myofascial release diploma: Abdominal Scarring

The techniques used are light and gentle with the aim of improving function, condition and integration of scar tissue. As healing takes place after a surgical procedure or accident, different tissue layers adhere to one another as the body rushes to heal the wound. Scar work helps to gently release these adhesions to allow better function and movement in the scar and surrounding tissues.


Learn how to facilitate and experience myofascial unwinding. This is the spontaneous movement of the body or body part during an Myofascial Release treatment. This safe and effective technique releases restrictions and emotional holding patterns from the subconscious, therefore facilitating recovery.
One day of the Advanced Myofascial Release Diploma.

Advanced myofasial release diploma: Unwinding

Unwinding:  2 days – June 10th & 11th 2019

Prerequisite: Foundation & Intermediate level

CPD: points awarded by APNT.

Fee: £220

Fascinating and informative day on so many levels. I’m sure the techniques will be easily integrated into my current practice alongside all the other amazing MFR techniques. Thank you.

Gail Gabriel

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Advanced Myofascial Release Diploma.

Once you have completed the myofascial release foundation, intermediate and accomplished levels, you can go on to our advanced training listed above.

You will need to complete a minimum 5 advanced days in order to gain your Advanced Myofascial Release Diploma awarded by APNT.

You are also required to complete a practical exam with an external examiner. Write up case studies (4 people treated 6 times), and a treatment diary with 60 entries of treating patients with MFR.

Course details HERE

Dates & Fees: See individual courses above.

Sadly we cannot refund your course fee. If a minimum of 4 weeks notice is given, your fee can be transferred to another course. Your fee will confirm your place on the course and your commitment to training. In the unusual event that you do not wish to complete the course the full balance of course fees is still payable.

Attendance: 100% attendance required.

Final Exam Fee: £120.

APNT Fee: £15 – for non-members only.

Final Exam date: Friday 12th October 2018

Case studies: 4 people treated 6 times each.

Treatment diary: 60 entries of pure MFR treatments.

Class sizes are small and therefore places are limited. Please book on-line to reserve your place on these amazing courses. Or ring for further information 07711 656 011.

Blown away today to watch a baby turn itself from breech to cephalic during myofascial release work at an awesome School of Bodywork study day. The mother was so much more comfortable after the baby turned and grinned from ear to ear. It was so gentle and permissive. Truly the baby chose to turn. Somehow the therapist merely held the space which enabled this. The change in the mother’s demeanour was profound from tense and experiencing chronic pain since 11/40 to smiling happy and comfortable. She told us the baby was moving big movements about 10 minutes into the treatment. The therapist’s hands were still. We could easily see the baby’s movements and all of us noticed the changed shape of her belly after the release. She was kind enough to let me palpate afterwards, already convinced her belly felt quite different at the top. It looked so gentle and led by the baby. I was in awe and still am.

Liz Nightingale

An extremely well regarded independent midwife of 14 years, after attending the Pelvic Diaphragm Release course.