Women's Health Scar Tissue Relief Workshop, will teach you subtle, powerful fascial techniques, to free up adhesions, improve function and reduce pain.

The techniques will address:

  • Bladder discomfort, urgency and prolapse
  • Uterine issues including prolapse
  • Episiotomy scar, which often affects the bladder and beyond (external work only)
  • C-section scar
  • Scar tissue from assisted vaginal births (interventions can cause scarring)
  • Scars from Pfannenstiel incision & abdominal surgery eg colon cancer
  • Scarring and trauma from smear test
  • Drains sites
  • Keyhole surgery scars

Internal adhesions may cause pain, discomfort and fertility issues.  A patients internal organs (urinary, reproductive and digestive system) may be adversely affected by scar tissue. These brilliant techniques will enable you to treat adhesions and scar tissue however old. The techniques are light and gentle with the aim of reducing pain, improving function, and facilitating integration of scar tissue itself. Your improved clinical results will bring plenty of word of mouth referrals.

Women's Health Scar Tissue Relief Workshop

Women's Health Scar Tissue Relief Workshop

  • 4 days in person training, plus these informative webinars to accompany the course included in the price!

    Webinar: Understanding scar tissue

    Webinar: What is Fascia?

  • Dates:

    Current course now full

  • Times:

    10am to 5pm each day

  • Fees:

    Total course fee: £545

    Deposit to secure your place: £250

    Balance due 4 weeks prior to start of course: £295

    (Full course fee due if booking within 4 weeks of course start date)

  • Tutor: 

  • Entry Requirements:

    Massage qualification with minimum of 2 years in practice, and Anatomy & Physiology Diploma (minimum Level 3)

  • Important:

    Please ensure that you read our Terms & Conditions prior to booking onto this course.

As a result of this training you will be able to palpate and treat both deep and superficial scar tissue to:

Reduce pain and restriction

Create better internal function (e.g. reduce pain on urination)

Restore nerve function including numbness, pain and sensitivity

Reverse uterine and vaginal prolapse as well sensations of prolapse

Enhance movement of the surrounding tissues, to reduce pulling and sticking

Reduce adhesions caused by inflammatory response (IBS, Endometriosis, Crones, Colitis)

Enhance chances of fertility if internal adhesions are play a role in it's prevention

This course will include components of home care techniques. Teach your patients how to do some gentle self-care at home, to reduce adhesions. This will also lead to a great sense of empowerment for your patients.

The focus of this course is on women’s health and to empower our female clients.

It is never too late to start healing a scar and re-integrating the scar into the fascial web.

As a result of this course, you will leave with the skills and the confidence to treat your patients scar tissue. Most importantly you will gain better results with existing patients. You will also be able to increase your client base because of your increased skill set.

Women's Health Scar Tissue Relief Workshop