On our Spine & Sacrum Workshop you will learn how to gently and effectively treat:

  • Lateral shifts
  • Balance the sacrum & pelvic girdle
  • Realign the Coccyx
  • Release Erector Spinae
  • Apply METs to increase rotation of the torso
  • Decompress the sacro-lumbar junction

These invaluable, profound techniques will reduce pain and increase function in your patients.

The pelvis is the root of our body, if the sacro-lumbar is out of alignment it will have implications above and below, causing pain beyond the area. If your patient is out of alignment, if they present with one leg longer than the other; then this course will give you the skills to address these difficult presentations.

As one patient commented after I balanced the pelvis “Thank you – I have spent thousands of pounds to address this issue, you have achieved the seemingly impossible in just one session! Thank you, thank you.''

Spine & Sacrum Workshop

  • Dates:

    Thursday 10th June & Friday 11th June 2021

  • Times:

    10am to 5pm

  • Fee:


  • Pre-Requisite:

    This is an Advanced workshop only open to experienced Therapists with an understanding of fascia.

    Please email info@schoolofbodywork.com with details of your experience if you have previous experience working with fascia or enrol on the Fascia Series Online Workshops here before attending this course.

  • 12 CPD Points awarded by APNT