In this Sciatica & Sacroiliac Joint Relief Workshop, I will teach you an array of profoundly effective fascial techniques which will reduce pain and increase function in your clients suffering with Sciatica, Sacroiliac Joint Pain, as well as other pathologies.

We will explore fascial contraction & compressive forces within the system, as well as mal alignment of bony structures, which may be the cause of the pain and dysfunction. You will learn how to treat fascial compression and mal alignment, to achieve lasting results. As a consequence, your clinical results should improve, and you will receive more referrals both word of mouth and from other professionals.

“Fantastic as always, what I have learnt is of such value and has given great insights, along with all the wonderful techniques."

Miriam Stewart, Physiotherapist

Bring balance to the pelvis

An imbalance or rotation in the pelvis, where the bony structures have been pulled out of alignment is a common cause of pain and dysfunction and a common component of pathologies including SIJ pain. I will therefore teach you invaluable techniques to balance the pelvis.

Sacroiliac Joint Pain & Dysfunction

It is commonly reported in clinical literature that 15-30% of chronic lower back pain is attributed to the SI joint. However, the number may be higher than that, because the condition is often overlooked by medical providers.

Chronic SI joint pain persists for more than three months and can be debilitating. SIJ pain is prevalent in pregnant and post-partum women, research from the national library of medicine shows among 1500 pregnant women 78.7% were diagnosed with sacroiliac dysfunction; pain severity and mobility problems increased during the course of pregnancy.

You will learn techniques to reduce pain and improve function in clients with SIJ pain.

We will explore how the sacrum sits, suspended in a fascial net and how the sacrum articulates with the ilia creating the SIJ, a strong yet vulnerable joint.

Assess and treat the sacrum

“Emma teaches with such expertise and wisdom. Knowledge just comes flooding out and there is so much practical on the course. Going through the Fascia training has completely transformed the manner in which I practice, and it is a joy to carry into each session."

Sophia Ortiz


cross hand decompress sacrum

Sciatica commonly, affects between 10% to 40% of the population. We will look at the symptoms of true Sciatica and Piriformis syndrome, as well as pathologies which might mimic sciatic pain for example Cauda Equina Syndrome.

You will learn techniques to reduce pain and improve function in clients with SIJ pain.

“Thank you, I have had AMAZING results already and have clients booking in specifically for these techniques, as well as more referrals."

Kerry McKerchar


“Thank you for the fascia training this week I’ve learned so much to bring to my practice. Looking at body alignment and different techniques of how to gently encourage the fascia to let go was invaluable."


The fascial system is a totally continuous, uninterrupted network within human body that spreads throughout, in a 3-dimensional matrix from head to toe. This knitted internal framework is completely continuous. It is because of this continuous nature that one restriction may lead to another.

The fascial system has many vital functions, it permits the body to maintain its normal shape, it allows the body to resist mechanical stresses, both internally and externally.

However, through trauma (physical and emotional), inflammatory process, repetitive movements, and poor posture (amongst others) fascia has the propensity to become compromised, solidified and shortened.

Fascia lays down extra collagen fibres along the line of tension imposed upon it, and due to its continuity can then produce seemingly unrelated restrictions in other areas of the body. Learn to effectively treat the dynamic beautiful interconnected fascial system to bring immediate pain relief.

Sciatica & Sacroiliac Joint Relief Workshop

  • 3 days in person training, plus 6 fantastic webinars:

    Webinar 1 - Advanced Consultation for Sciatica and Sacroiliac Pain. How pregnancy, accidents and surgeries affect fascia and compromise the system, affecting the SIJ.

    Webinar 2 - What is Sacroiliac pain. Common Causes of Sacroiliac pain.

    Webinar 3 - What is Sciatica. Common Causes of Sciatica. What is True sciatica versus Piriformis syndrome, what pathologies might mimic Sciatica?

    Webinar 4 - What is Fascia?

    Webinar 5 - What is Bio-tensegrity & why is it important?

    Webinar 6 - Fascia, Fluids & Movement

  • Dates:

    Monday 16th, Tuesday 17th & Wednesday 18th May 2022

  • Times:

    10am to 5pm

  • Fees:

    Total course fee: £495

    Deposit to secure your place: £200

    Balance due 4 weeks prior to start of course: £295

  • Entry Requirements:

    Massage qualification with minimum of 2 years in practice, and Anatomy & Physiology Diploma (minimum Level 3)

  • Entry Requirements:

    Please ensure that you read the Terms & Conditions prior to booking onto this course.