The focus of this 4 day Scar Tissue Release course is to teach you subtle, powerful fascial release techniques, to free up pelvic and abdominal adhesions

Internal adhesions may cause pain and discomfort, impacting on patients internal organs; bladder, uterus, digestive system as well as fertility. The techniques taught are applied skin on skin (there are no internal techniques). These in-depth fascial release techniques will enable you to treat the collagenous component of adhesions and scar tissue however old. The techniques are light and gentle with the aim of reducing pain, improving function, and facilitating integration of scar tissue itself.

The fascial techniques are effective for adhesions and scar tissue caused by inflammatory conditions including Endometriosis, Crones disease, colitis, IBS, as well as for scar tissue from radiation therapy and surgical scars.

These fascial techniques are applicable for women with abdominal adhesions which may be reducing their chance of conception.

As healing takes place due to disease, injury or surgical procedures; different tissue layers adhere to one another as the body rushes to heal the injury or wound. Scar tissue release helps to free up these adhesions both superficially and deep within the body. The acquired skills facilitate better function of tissues and organs and movement in the scar and surrounding tissues.

As a result of this training you will be able to palpate and treat both deep and superficial scar tissue to:

Reduce pain and restriction

Create better internal function (e.g. reduce pain on urination)

Restore nerve function including numbness, pain and sensitivity

Reverse uterine and vaginal prolapse as well sensations of prolapse

Enhance movement of the surrounding tissues, to reduce pulling and sticking

Reduce adhesions caused by inflammatory response (IBS, Endometriosis, Crones, Colitis)

Enhance chances of fertility if internal adhesions are play a role in preventing it

This course will include components of home care techniques. Teach your patients how to do some gentle self-care at home, to reduce adhesions. This will also lead to a great sense of empowerment for your patients.

The focus of this course is on women’s health and to empower our female clients.

It is never too late to start healing a scar and re-integrating the scar into the fascial web.

As a result of this course, you will leave with the skills and the confidence to treat your patients scar tissue. Most importantly you will gain better results with existing patients. You will also be able to increase your client base because of your increased skill set.

Scar Tissue Release Workshop

  • Dates:

    2022 course dates to be confirmed

  • Times:

    10am to 5pm each day

  • Course Fee:

    £440 for 4 day course.

  • Tutor: 

  • Pre-requisite: 

    Massage and Anatomy & Physiology Diploma (minimum Level 3)