A stand alone Postgraduate study day

Learn to rhythmically rock or pulse the body or an individual body parts; as a result the body spontaneously lets go of and releases holding patterns. Find the bodies own natural rhythm and work with this.

Rebounding affects the Pacini fascial mechanoreceptors which are found in myotendinous junctions, deep capsular layers, deep muscle tissues and spinal ligaments. Schleip’s research shows that they respond to “rapid pressure changes and vibration”. These techniques are therefore an effective way of working deep within the body without force. Gentle, yet effective, they impact the whole system. Ideal if working with chronic injuries, children or the frail & elderly.

Rebounding can be integrated into any bodywork treatment or used as a stand alone therapy. It can also be done clothed, over towels or skin on skin.

Use as:

  • A diagnostic tool to find & treat physical restrictions
  • An effective technique to free up holding patterns deep within the body - beyond your hands
  • A profoundly effective technique to safely and effectively increase mobility throughout the body
  • Reduce pain and increase range of motion

Work from anywhere on the body to facilitate effective change:

  • Sacrum and Torso
  • Shoulders and Arms
  • Legs and Feet

Rebounding Workshop

  • Dates:

    2022 course dates to be confirmed

  • Times:

    10am to 5pm

  • Fee:


  • Course Tutor: 

  • Pre-requisite: 

    Massage and Anatomy & Physiology Diploma (minimum Level 3)