Pregnancy Massage with Katie Whitehouse

A three day workshop covering everything you need to know to feel confident massaging pregnant clients.

This very practical, skills based course enables you to work confidently with pregnant women. Assessing with care, selecting techniques and positions that are appropriate, relevant, effective and safe for each stage of pregnancy. Always ask the question ‘why?’ – explore and clarifying the answers.

Since the Massage in Pregnancy course I have been using the side lying position a lot. Not just with pregnant women but also people who are frail and cannot move easily or get comfortable in supine or prone. It works much better for shoulder massages and for contacting large areas of the body at the same time. The best effect is for those needing emotional support, lying on their side makes people who are depressed or frightened feel very safe.

Sally Reynolds,

Massage Therapist and Aromatherapist, Winchester,
Pregnancy Massage

Very friendly staff and lovely atmosphere. well worth traveling for.

Jane Manley

Pregnancy Massage

The course is designed for qualified massage therapists or aromatherapists. Ideally with at least 6 months experience in practice.

More about the course:  Pregnancy and post partum (after the birth) are times when massage can be particularly beneficial and supportive to a woman, physically and emotionally. However, many initial Massage training covers pregnancy very briefly or not at all, and some students are even left feeling that pregnancy is a contraindication – without being given any reason why. Over these three days we will sort myth from truth, so that the next time a pregnant client books a massage you will feel excited rather than trepidation.

The training is very practical and skills based. We will cover all the theory you need to know about the changing anatomy and physiology and explore massage and bodywork techniques that are appropriate, relevant, effective and safe for each stage of pregnancy & post partum, always asking the question ‘why?’ and checking in with and clarifying possible answers. We will look at comfortable and safe positioning of the pregnant client and new mother and we will include an overview of the use of positive touch and partner massage throughout pregnancy and in labour. You will massage a pregnant woman at the end of the workshop.

Day one

Ice Breakers

Anatomy & Physiology of pregnancy & how it relates to massage therapists, part one

Side-lying massage introduction

Seated massage introduction

Back, neck & shoulders

Day Two

Anatomy & Physiology of pregnancy & how it relates to massage therapists, part two. Including contraindications & extra cautions to add to consultations)

Anatomy & Physiology of pregnancy & how it relates to massage therapists, part one

Arms & hands

In depth shoulders & hips (including mobilisation)

Touch in pregnancy & labour (overview)

Day Three

Hips, legs & feet

Review of everything

Massage pregnant women


Student feedback

Katie Whitehouse is a leading figure in the field of pregnancy massage

She has over 25 years’ experience specialising in Pregnancy Massage, as well as in training massage therapists and midwives. She is the founder of The Really Useful Massage Co, and was the founder of the Vital Touch range of organic essential oils and massage oils and the Natalia range of natural products for pregnancy, birth and parents. Her mission is to communicate the benefits of positive touch in every day life.

Katie is an inspirational teacher, with a wealth of knowledge which she loves to share. She brings the subject to life and has an interest and deep understanding of both the physical and emotional well being of her clients. She inspired me many years ago on my journey with bodywork and she continues to inspire today.

Emma Gilmore

Director School of Bodywork

Katie says: “In 1990 my father had a severe stroke and was unable to communicate. I visited him in hospital, reading and talking to him but this only seemed to frustrate him further. It was heart breaking. Determined to do something positive to help him one evening I noticed that the blanket had fallen a little, exposing his feet which were in desparate need of some care. I found a bowl of warm water and spent some time gently washing and drying his feet, and then massaging in some hand cream I found. As soon as I touched him his body visibly relaxed, he closed his eye and sighed deeply. Sadly he died just a few weeks later but I was able to massage his feet every time I visited him and it was something I know we both looked forward. I am eternally grateful to him for showing me the comforting and healing power of touch for the first time. Not long after his death I visited an osteopath. As I received the relieving treatment I felt for myself the benefits that expert touch can bring and I decided to change my career path and train as a therapist. Massage felt the obvious choice and I have not looked back.

So in 1990 I embarked on a 5 year training programme determined to learn as much as possible from the best teachers so that I could be an exceptional therapist, not offering a routine massage to everyone, but working with the whole person to do what was needed for them at that time. Once qualified, my client list quickly grew and then in 1995 my first pregnant client walked through the door. I had not treated a pregnant woman before and I remember that ‘pregnancy’ was actually on the list of contraindications/cautions in many massage books, so I set out to find out how to massage safely in pregnancy. This resulted in devising a training system for therapists. 23 years later I’m still running courses for therapists on massage in pregnancy now widely accepted and welcomed throughout the world.”

Pregnancy Massage

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  • Times:

    10am to 5pm

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    Closed for 2020

  • Pre-requisite: 

    Massage and Anatomy & Physiology Diploma (minimum Level 3)

  • 19.5 CPD points awarded by APNT

I undertook the Pregnancy Diploma with the amazing Katie Whitehouse (I found her mesmerising) and was pleased to receive my practical exam results today from the APNT. Not only did they send me my result – a very respectable 87% – but also 4 paragraphs of personal, encouraging and constructive feedback from both the tutor and my Mum-to-be. No single sheet with just your percentage. Really rounded correspondence from the APNT. It really did leave me feeling on top of the world. So, so lovely.

Tracie Whitefield