Advanced Myofascial Release Diploma

Our Advanced Myofascial Release Diploma is unique to the School of Bodywork. Scroll to the bottom of the page to sign up for the Full Advanced Myofascial Diploma.

The diploma takes place over 16 days, in separate modules. All our tutors have studied to an exceptionally high level in fascial work, energy work and or craniosacral work. We therefore deliver a safe, effective and highly sought after diploma.

Once you have completed our Myofascial release foundation, intermediate and accomplished levels, you can then go on to our advanced training which consist of 7 further days in order to complete your APNT Diploma.

These are listed below:


Myofascial Release Techniques

Individual modules make up the Advanced Myofascial Release Diploma. All 6 days are needed to complete the diploma training as well as one Consolidation day before the final exam. You can book the individual modules below on the date that suits you, or you can sign up for the Full Diploma in advance. We REALLY look forward to sharing these wonderful techniques with you.  Deepen your knowledge and therefore enhance your clinical results.


Migraine & Tinnitus Relief

This wonderful course teaches you powerful yet gentle techniques to introduce space in the cranium. You will learn to use the cranial and facial bones as handles in to the system, to address compression and dysfunction.

Techniques to address headaches, migraine, tinnitus, stress, anxiety and so much more.

Two days of the Advanced Myofascial Release Diploma.


Techniques may be beneficial in treating:



Birth trauma

Two days of the Advanced Fascial Release Diploma

Spine & Sacrum

These invaluable, profound techniques will reduce pain and increase function in your patients.

The pelvis is the root of our body, if the sacro-lumbar is out of alignment it will have implications above and below, causing pain beyond the area. If your patient is out of alignment, if they present with one leg longer than the other; then this course will give you the skills to address these difficult presentations.

Two days of the Advanced Myofascial Release Diploma.


Lateral shifts

Balance the sacrum & pelvic girdle.

Realign the coccyx.

Release Erector Spinae.

Apply METs to increase rotation of the torso.

Decompress sacrolumbar junction.

Leg pull to facilitate myofascial release and unwinding.


Learn how to facilitate and experience myofascial unwinding. This is the spontaneous movement of the body or body part during a Fascial Release treatment. This safe and effective technique releases restrictions and emotional holding patterns from the subconscious, therefore facilitating recovery.

Two days of the Advanced Myofascial Release Diploma.

  • Unwinding:

    Wednesday 14th July 2021 & Thursday 15th July 2021

  • Times:

    10am to 5pm each day

  • Fee:


  • Pre-requisite:

    Foundation, Intermediate & Accomplished levels

    This course is included in the Full Diploma but you may take it as a stand alone Advanced workshop only open to experienced Therapists with an understanding of fascia.

    Please email with details of your experience if you have previous experience working with fascia or enrol on the Fascia Series Online Workshops here before attending this course.

Advanced Fascial Release Diploma

Full Advanced Diploma

  • Sign up for the Full Advanced Myofascial Release Diploma which includes:

    Myofascial Release Workshops (Foundation, Intermediate and Accomplished Levels).

    All 6 Advanced Days as above (Spine & Sacrum, Cranial Work & Tinnitus Relief and Unwinding).

    Plus a Consolidation/Review Day before the final exam (please note that exam fees are not included).

    Dates as individual courses as above and see here for the Myofascial Release Workshop dates.

  • Dates:

    2022 course dates TBC

  • Times:

    10am to 5pm

  • Full Price:


  • Final Exam Fee:

  • Entry Requirements:

    Massage Qualification (or another bodywork modality – please email to check if yours is acceptable) and A&P to level 3. You will be asked for proof of qualifications when booking. If you do not have a suitable qualification then we recommend you take our Complete Bodyworker Diploma.

    You will be required to complete case studies (4 people treated 6 times each). Plus complete a treatment diary, with 60 entries of treating patients with Myofascial Release techniques. Attend a practical and oral examination: Exam date TBC