Pathology Series: Everything you need to know about working with common pathologies in bodywork!

In this ever expanding bodywork series of online workshops, we aim to bring you up to date information from the experts. In our first online series we have guest speakers to share their immense knowledge on: TMJ dysfunction, The Breath in health and ill health. If you are looking to specialise, I highly recommend exploring these seminars. Specialising will enhance your career, your success rate, as well as word of mouth referrals. Don't miss out on this opportunity to book. If you are looking to specialise in Women's Health, we are developing a range of seminars, so please look HERE.


A Whole Body Approach to TMJ Dysfunction

This seminar will explore TMJ Dysfunction. We will look to explore the complex and intricate anatomy of the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ), causes, symptoms and treatment options for TMJ Dysfunction. We will explore the successful role of fascial release and massage therapies in treating complex, chronic jaw pain.

Online workshop - TMJ

  • Date:

    Saturday 8th May 2021

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Helen Baker TMJ

Tutor:  Helen Baker is a highly sought after specialist, treating clients with TMJ Dysfunction and associated symptoms. Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Dentists, GPs and Hearing Specialists continue to refer clients to Helen for non-invasive, relaxing and long lasting pain relief treatment for TMJ sufferers. Her approach is gentle, nurturing and holistic, working together with her clients to achieve great results. Helen Baker qualified as an Integrated Body Therapist in 2009 at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies and has been successfully treating clients with jaw pain both in Australia and UK ever since. Helen specialises in TMJ Massage Techniques and has completed advanced Myofascial Release training and Cranial Sacral Therapy specialising on the jaw and neck.


Breath as it moves through you

We will explore the anatomy and function of breathing with a hands on, experiential approach. By experiencing and learning more about our own breathing habits and how this affects us, we can increase our personal awareness of function and dysfunction.

We will also learn about the Fight/Flight/Freeze reflex and how this directly affects our breathing, our sensory systems and ultimately, our general wellbeing and even our approach to life. Learning more about how our clients are living in this reflex on a daily level, can help us gain a deeper understanding of them and how to help both their bodies and breathing habits.

If you work with clients with breathing dysfunctions, asthma, COPD, IPF or others, this workshop will teach you ways in which to support them with improved breathing habits. This is very much a ‘hands on’ experiential and practical workshop –  please wear loose clothing and you may choose to work on the floor or on an upright chair with no arm rests.

Online workshop - Breath Work

  • Date:

    Wednesday 5th May

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Tutor: Sandra Smith is an incredibly experienced singing teacher, workshop leader and choir coach, we feel priviledge to be collaborating with her. She directs The Lost Sound - Dartmoor Folk Choir. She has been teaching for nearly 40 years, focusing on establishing good technical foundations for her singers. She teaches professional singers including Ben Howard, Jay McGuiness, Show Of Hands, Edgelarks and more. She has increasingly been asked to work with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and IPF (idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis) clients to aid breathing ability and change lifelong habits. She has presented talks on singing and breathing at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital IPF unit, Breathing Easy foundation, the IPF support group Plymouth and has been the singing representative at the Torbay Voice Clinic.
She is committed to ongoing training as a teacher – both in singing techniques and body work to find the best ways to help everyone make the most of their voice.


More details coming soon

  • Date:

    Saturday 19th June 2021

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  • Tutor:

    Susan Findlay

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