Myofascial Release Workshops

Myofascial Release Consolidation Day – this is an opportunity for any MFR student wishing to take the MFR Exam in October to brush up on any of the techniques learnt in previous courses, go through Case Study queries and generally helping to prepare you for the exam. This day is particularly suitable for those students who have had a bit of a gap between the course levels and would like the chance to recap particular techniques and is tailored to your needs rather than teaching any new techniques. £50

Dates TBC. Please email for more information or to register your interest.

Myofascial Release Meet Up – Emma would like to invite ALL MFR therapists (graduates as well as students) to this informal meeting of like minded therapists. This is an opportunity to ask any MFR related questions, review anything, catch up with other therapists, practice (under Emma’s guidance) and of course get some treatment for yourself as well! Emma will be sharing any new developments in fascia. It should be a fun and rewarding day, with the added benefit of a treatment or two thrown in! £60

Dates TBC. Please email to register your interest.

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“Having recently been introduced to the MFR techniques what I have quickly ascertained is that MFR really enables me to problem solve for clients. The very first client I had came with shoulder injuries / rotator cuff problems. Whilst massage has been very good, MFR has enabled me to have even better results. In cases completely removing the pain. I love the way MFR is so subtle and non invasive but the results are amazing. I am a beginner with these techniques, however, I already know they will be a fundamental part of how I treat. I already integrate them into my treatments and I cannot wait to finish my diploma so I can use it on its own!”

Sam M

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