Muscle Magic

Muscle Magic, a fantastic course taught over 4 mornings. Learn to love your muscles!

Learn to locate muscles on the body, palpate their origin, insertion and exact location, draw them in their correct position on the body. Become familiar with their actions. These are all essential for great bodywork therapists.

This course is for you if you want to re-cap; re-learn and most importantly have fun with muscles! It is ideal for those who are thinking of joining us for further postgraduate study, or have not been in regular practice since graduating.

Muscle Magic

Open to all bodyworkers who would like to  refresh their knowledge.  

Next Course Dates:  

  Day 1: 14th December 2019

  Day 2: 11th January 2020

  Day 3: 25th January 2020

  Day 4: 8th February 2020

Course Fee: £190 (all 4 days)

Time: 9am to 1pm each day