Mentoring Service

Here at School of Bodywork, we offer you a mentoring service, from enrollment, through to qualification and beyond. We aim to facilitate networks and links between students and practitioners, so you never feel you are “on your own”.

Students on our longer Diploma courses have access to treatment rooms – free of charge – here at SoB HQ in order to share ideas and practice, to facilitate learning. We also support you in setting up regional “study buddy” groups to share ideas and study together in your area.

Frequently, when students have qualified and are building up their practice, a great many questions arise – practical (including how best to promote oneself), emotional, and physical. We aim to give as much guidance and support as we possibly can, to encourage practitioners to build a rewarding career.

Any massage therapists, who feel they might benefit from advice or guidance, are invited to contact us. Individual or small group discussions and workshops can be tailor made. We can also advise on the most relevant CPD courses which may benefit your clients and enhance your practice.

Encouragement, discussion, continued advice, support and validation are so important, particularly in the first few years after qualification.

Cost: Free to all our postgraduate diploma students. Others £45 per hour

I find Emma to be totally understanding and compassionate to my needs as a Massage Therapist. Prior to my Remedial Massage exam in April 09, Emma was there for me when I needed her most, strengthening my knowledge and giving me the much needed confidence to go into the exam and pass with credit. She has since guided me on how to promote myself as a therapist and continue with my profession.

I would recommend her as a mentor, she is very easy to talk to and with years of experience in a very busy clinic, she has the expertise and caring nature to really help. I think it’s great what you are doing, we all need someone to call upon and just knowing we are not alone is a comfort.