Our Deep Tissue Massage certificate will enhance and broaden your skills. Learn to integrate deep tissue massage into your practice, without injury to yourself or your client.

Our Deep Tissue Workshops will give you the potential to increase your client base. Develop palpation skills, learn to feel different layers of muscle tissue and adhesions. Learn more about postural assessment and homecare advice for specific issues you can empower your patients with and make real changes. Discover which areas require more focused treatment and learn to treat them effectively. Efficient and effective warming techniques to relevant areas will enable you to access deeper restricted muscles and fascia, you will gain better results and therefore more word of mouth referrals.

You can take these workshops as individual CPD study days, or sign up to our full Deep Tissue Certificate where you attend all days below. We do recommend that you attend our Generic Deep Tissue Day before any of the other days to give you a solid foundation and understanding of the techniques we use. If you are interested in our Remedial Massage Diploma qualification, all of these days are included please look HERE for more information.

EARLY BIRD OFFER: Enrol on the full Deep Tissue Certificate (8 days study – with a total of 56 hours contact time) for only £820 saving £100. Offer ends 8th September 2020

Entry requirement: Massage Qualification, A&P to level 3, please email certificates when booking.

Generic Deep Tissue Massage: October 20th 2020:

Learn all about the principles of Deep Tissue Massage Techniques and how to apply them before working on specific problem areas on the following Deep Tissue days. A fantastic foundation on which to build. Review your posture as a therapist to enable deep work without injury to self.

8 CPD points awarded by APNT

Deep Tissue Massage for Back: November 17th 2020: 

“The main cause for work days lost was musculoskeletal conditions (neck and back pain), leading to 31 million days lost” NHS. Learn invaluable techniques to keep your patients healthy, active, mobile and pain free. Back-ache is the most common complaint we are presented with as therapists. Learn invaluable techniques, including mobilizations and muscle energy techniques for those awkward to shift back problems. Review relevant muscles, address common disorders and learn effective assessment procedures. Your patients will be overjoyed with the improved results. An essential addition to any therapists toolbox.

8 CPD points awarded by APNT.

Deep Tissue Techniques for Neck and Chest: December 15th 2020: 

Invaluable techniques, for those ‘difficult to shift’ neck problems. Reduce pain and increase mobility. Review neck muscles, address common disorders such as whiplash, frozen shoulder, kyphosis. Discover how breathing restrictions may lead to anxiety. Learn to effectively treat and open the chest to reduce this vicious cycle. Thus improve the physical as well as emotional health of patients. Effectively treat the elusive scalenes and sternocleidomastoid! Learn to assess and re-asses neck mobility and witness increased ROM (range of movement). A must for all therapists.

8 CPD points awarded by APNT.

Deep Tissue Massage for Shoulder and Arm: January 19th 2021:

In-depth anatomy, common disorders, assessment and treatment. Advanced techniques to include deep tissue massage & positional release; mobilizations, METs and home care advice included. Learn to treat frozen shoulder and repetitive strain injuries. Invaluable workshop to enhance your career.

8 CPD points awarded by APNT.

Deep Tissue Massage for Hip and LegFebruary 23rd 2021:

Our hips and legs have strong powerful muscles, learn to warm these deeply in order to access and treat deeper muscles. Learn to observe and evaluate what needs treating. Work through the Gluteals, access pirifomis effectively. Release the ITB and witness the changes to the entire physiology of the leg. Acknowledge the importance of muscular balance. Review your muscles, learn to asses and treat common disorders including Sciatica and piriformis syndrome. Gain a deeper understanding of how the leg muscles effect the lower back and posture. Invaluable.

8 CPD points awarded by APNT

Advanced techniques: 2 days: April 20th & May 4th 2021:

To reduce pain and increase mobility whilst protecting your body. Fascial Release techniques including sacro-lumbar disengagement. Incredibly effective muscle energy techniques (MET’s) for:

  • Adductors.
  • Hamstrings.
  • Quads.
  • Hip flexors.
  • Quadratus Lumborum

Become familiar with stretch and advanced Mobilisations with an influence from Thai massage. STR (soft tissue release) and NMT (neuro-muscular techniques). You will be amazed at the results you get with these varied and effective techniques.

16 CPD points awarded by APNT

What will the Deep Tissue Workshops cover?

  • Effective warming with forearm and fists.
  • Compression and stretching techniques to work deeply into the muscles and fascia.
  • Deep tissue massage techniques applied while safe-guarding vulnerable joints: fingers, thumbs and wrists.
  • Exploration of forearm, fist and elbow techniques.
  • Techniques for increasing the depth and pressure plus experimenting with couch height.
  • Using alternative mediums in order to apply deeper pressure.
  • Developing palpation skills, to access different tissue layers.
  • Exploring who would benefit from and when to consider integrating deep tissue massage into your practice – indications and contraindications.
  • Body reading and Postural observations relevant to each subject.
  • Homecare advice relevant to each subject to enable clients continue their treatment and improve their recovery at home.

Are these workshops for me?

Yes, if you:

Invaluable techniques introduce them successfully and use them effectively.

  • Want to increase your client base by offering deep tissue as well as Swedish/holistic massage.
  • Want to prevent overuse injuries eg. of thumbs/wrists
  • Are ready to improve your treatment outcomes for your clients.
  • Are looking for a less strenuous way to apply effective deep tissue massage techniques.
  • Are interested in further developing your qualifications and are considering Remedial/Sports courses.

Deep Tissue Massage 2020 – 2021

  • Generic:

    October 20th 2020

  • Back:

    November 17th 2020

  • Neck & Chest:

    December 15th 2020

  • Shoulder & Arm:

    January 19th 2021

  • Hip & Leg:

    February 23rd 2021

  • Deep Tissue Skills Integration Workshop:

    March 9th 2021

  • Advanced Massage Techniques:

    2 days April 20th & May 4th 2021


    Book all the above courses to make up the Deep Tissue Certificate for only £820 (saving £100) by 8th September 2020

  • Time:


  • Course Fee:

    £115 per one day course (each available to take individually)

    £230 Advanced Techniques (both days must be attended but this workshop can also be taken separately)

Certificate of attendance and 8 CPD points per day.