Individual Massage Tuition

Individual massage tuition: Hand on

Individual Massage and Myofascial Release Tuition.

We offer individual massage tuition for beginners as well as therapists.

Have you:

  • Lost confidence in your abilities?
  • Forgotten some of your skills?
  • Need a refresher?
  • Got a partner or friend with an ailment? Would you like to learn to treat them?

Do you:

  • Need help with techniques?
  • Need a greater variety of strokes?
  • Want to prevent injury to yourself?
  • Need to know more about grounding?

Then we can help you.

How can we help?

Our individual massage and myofascial release tuition is tailored to your needs. We match the Tutor according to your requirements, as a consequence you come away with the skill set that you want and need. Communicate exactly what you want and we will tailor-make your tutorial. Learn what will benefit you and therefore be most useful when treating others. We ensure you have good body mechanics, to protect your self as a therapist.

Bring the power of positive touch to clients, friends and family. Hugely empowering individual massage tuition, as a result of which you will have confidence in your ability and techniques.

Small groups also catered for: Please call 07711 656 011 or email for details.

My partner suffered with terrible back and neck ache, so I enrolled on some individual lessons to learn exactly how to treat him. The sessions were tailored to our exact specifications and I now feel confident to treat him, which is very empowering. During the sessions I was able to work on him with the tutor present, which was enormously useful. I will be back to deepen my knowledge.

Cecily Garnier.

No formal qualifications required. 

Dates & Times: To suit individual booking.


Introduction to Massage and Swedish/Holistic Massage: Cathy Payne

Sports Massage and Myofascial Release: Emma Gilmore


Individual sessions with Cathy: £50 for 60 minutes, £75 for 90 minutes, £95 for 2 hours or £140 for 3 hours.

Groups: 2 people £60, 3 people £70 or 4 people £80 for 60 minutes. Enquire for more prices.


Individual sessions with Emma:  £150 for 2 hours or £225 for 3 hours. Enquire for more prices.

We recommend a minimum of 3 hours training to build confidence and empower you to treat the individual.

Deposits are non-refundable. If four or more weeks notice is given the deposit can be transferred onto another course. Your deposit will confirm your place on the course and your commitment to training. In the unusual event that you do not wish to complete the course the full balance is still payable.

I had completely lost my confidence as a therapist, but with the careful, nurturing guidance of Sarah, I now feel able to take on more clients. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend individual tuition to any massage therapist who feels they have lost their way.

Hilary Tailor.

The individual tuition was exactly what I needed to help remind me of techniques that I had forgotten. I was also guided, as to how to use my body-weight and prevent injuring myself. Fantastic tuition, money well spent. Thank-you.

Janet Asker.