Energy Work Certificate

The Energy Work Certificate is a course where you will discover the power and importance of energy work within a bodywork discipline.

You will explore subtle energy and cover all of the following, with a chance for exploration and discussion.

  • Reconnecting to ourselves & others
  • Discussion about Energy, understanding of metaphysics
  • Self-Awareness exercises
  • Human Anatomy: the endocrine system & its alignment with Chakra system
  • Discussion of Chakras, position, elements, colour, physical & emotional relationship
  • Chakra meditation
  • The Power & importance of Intention with Energy Work
  • The power of thought
  • Energy work in everyday life and in your current practice
  • Hands on bodywork
  • Introduction to Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Description of Auras
  • Importance of Protection
  • Healing your habitat
  • Nutritional Music
  • The Power of Scent


Reconnecting with ourselves & others: more detail

When we look back on our lives it is easy to see where we have made mistakes and what we would do differently with hindsight.  This is part of the learning process: through the trials and tribulations of life we grow & evolve.  This evolution raises our personal awareness so that we can recognize possible pitfalls ahead.

This works very well as long as we remember what has taken place in the past.  However, much of our memory has been suppressed and is stored on a cellular or unconscious level.  It resides in our energetic fields, affecting us and our daily lives although we can’t see how.  It is important to start to examine ourselves to find out how we create the pitfalls of our life unconsciously.  What unconscious behavior, beliefs and unresolved emotional issues do we carry around that shape and influence us?

Questions we may want to ask ourselves.

  • “Who am I?”
  • “What is going on inside me?”
  • “What am I carrying with me?”
  • “What does the outside world mirror for me?”
  • “How have I changed?”


Energy Work
Energy Work

Our tutor Jess has to be one of the best! Friendly accessible, supportive, but most of all approachable. thank you.

Melanie Winsland