Our unique Diploma in Fascia Informed Bodywork course is packed with invaluable information for you as a therapist, if you are looking for a new and rewarding direction for your career, then this is the course for you. Chronic illness, chronic pain, emotional suffering, including stress, anxiety and overwhelm can all be addressed with the skills learnt in this dynamic course.

“I'm blown away by how many clients I've been able to help, and such amazing feedback. Clients have been booking back specifically because of this work. It's been so tremendously useful.”

Kerry McKircher

DIPLOMA FASCIA INFORMED BODYWORK for physical, emotional & mental health conditions

Physical, emotional & mental health conditions can all be supported with Fascia Informed Bodywork. I, Emma Gilmore have a unique, effective way of working with the fascia, which has evolved over many years of clinical work. I teach you what has given me sustained results. Our physical, emotional, and mental health are intrinsically linked; therefore, I aim to share with you a multitude of skills and to empower you to effectively treat your client and everything held within their body, within their fascial system. My clinical work has led me to a deeply fulfilling career with excellent clinical results and very loyal clients. I hope this will be the same for you.

We are all the sum of our lived experience.

Our whole life story, from our embryological beginnings to the present day are stored within the fascia of our body. Every single experience, every physical injury, every experience of stress, anxiety, overwhelm & trauma imprint on our body physiology. This creates restrictions & holding patterns within the fascial matrix. Restrictions can cause pain and compromise function, which can cause further anxiety, stress, and confusion. I will share with you effective skills to enable you to treat physical & emotional holding patterns safely and effectively. With the correct skills, you should achieve excellent, sustained clinical results and be able to support clients on their healing journey.

Chronic conditions, pain and dysfunction all have emotional components.

We need to acknowledge that the emotional component of life, of injuries, of surgeries, of difficult and traumatic situations impact our body physiology. When we truly acknowledge this, we should effectively be able to support our clients to reduce pain and restore health.

“Your teaching and facilitating of learning emerges from a place of passion, empathy, intuition and sound knowledge. Learning with you is effortless and immersive, inspiring, and natural. I will study with you again one day thank you.”

Lucinda Roth

The Integrated Whole

We are one. l aim to teach you to treat the physical, emotional, energetic body as an integrated whole, to facilitate change in the physical-emotional-mind complex. With these skills, you should be able to support clients, on their journey, to restore health, happiness, and function. Many clients comment “I just feel more myself”.


Fascia is one interconnected, inseparable whole; connected from a micro (cellular) level to macro (full body) level. Once you learn to feel into the fascial system you can treat cellular fascia, visceral fascia, parietal fascia, deep and superficial fascia – there is no need to differentiate between these, they are all part of the fabulous, interconnected dynamic, fascial matrix. Bound down, dense, and restricted fascia can be reintegrated back into the whole beautiful, fluidic, fascial matrix to facilitate true health & well-being. I will teach you to feel the entirety of your dynamic fascial web, you will feel areas of health, as well as areas of restriction and ill ease. I will teach you to feel into the entirety of your client’s fascial web. Once engaged with the fascial system, we can feel and treat right down to a cellular level. Connect with and facilitate change in fascial restrictions, to allow for integration of holding patterns.


Creating Safety

In order to effectively treat the whole person, and their entire lived experience, you will need to set up safety. Together we will explore

  • Being truly present as a practitioner, self-awareness & effective grounding
  • Setting up safety, to facilitate profound change
  • Supporting clients to feel resourced
  • Subtleties of communication, full body communication
  • Keeping your attention broad to facilitate change

“Emma teaches with such expertise and wisdom. Knowledge just comes flooding out and there is plenty of practical to accompany the courses. Going through the Fascia training has completely transformed the manner in which I practice, and it is a joy to carry into each session. Always grateful for continued professional development.”

Bristol Massage Spaces

Read the Body

Every moment of every day there is so much information available to us. Our client’s body constantly communicates with us on so many levels. Learn to trust yourself and the information that comes to you. Learn to witness the story unfold, as the body feels safe. Learn to read the subtleties.


Fascia Informed Bodywork techniques will include a range of diverse, deeply effective hands-on techniques which can immediately be integrated into your current practice. These new skills should improve your clinical results, increase bookings and word of mouth referrals.

“Brilliant course as ever, thank you, I love the way you teach, encouraging us to listen, trust and follow our instincts, being receptive to what the body tells us and allowing the treatment to unfold rather than following a set protocol.”

Rosa Davies

“From foundation level onwards my business erupted, my income soared & my results were outstanding".

Helen Watts

DIPLOMA FASCIA INFORMED BODYWORK, for physical, emotional and mental health.

  • 18 days in person training plus 10 months access to: Brilliant, informative webinars to enhance your learning experience.

    • Webinar 4-part series of deeply informative Fascia webinars, over 240 minutes of up to date research on fascia.
    • Webinar on Stress, anxiety and overwhelm; including information on the bio-psycho-social influences on health
    • Webinar on developing a great consultation form for Fascia Informed Bodywork
    • Webinar on delivering a great consultation form for Fascia Informed Bodywork
    • Group Zoom meetings as required

  • Dates:

    2021 course is fully booked.

    2022 dates TBC soon, please email info@schoolofbodywork.com to register your interest.

    FOUNDATION Level: Diploma Fascia Informed Bodywork

    INTERMEDIATE Level: Diploma Fascia Informed Bodywork

    COMPETENT Level: Diploma Fascia Informed Bodywork

    PRACTITIONER Level: Diploma Fascia Informed Bodywork

    CONSOLIDATION DAYS: Diploma Fascia Informed Bodywork

    Final Exam

  • Times:

    10am to 5pm

  • Tutor:

    Emma Gilmore

    Emma is truly passionate and deeply knowledgeable about her subject. Please CLICK HERE to view recent book reviews on Fascia & Bodywork that Emma has written. She has trained practitioners of many disciplines, physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, massage therapists, Bowen therapists as well as yoga & Pilate’s practitioners. Whatever your modality the Diploma in Fascia Informed Bodywork will offer a new approach, give you new skills, and powerful techniques which have the potential to change your practice forever.

  • Fees:

    Total Diploma course fee: £2245

    Deposit to secure your place on the course: £245

    10x monthly instalments: £200

    Exam Fee: TBC, Additional fee payable to the Accrediting Body, BCMA

    Please CLICK HERE to view Payment Schedule

    FOUNDATION Level only: £499

    Deposit to secure your place: £300

    Balance due 4 weeks before start of course: £199

    • Option to complete the Foundation level only. If you decide to proceed to complete the full diploma, you will be able to pay the balance either in full or by the instalment payment schedule above.
  • Entry Requirements:

    Foundation level is open to all those working in a Bodywork modality with an Anatomy & Physiology qualification. Please contact us if you are unsure.

    Diploma level (all 18 days) requires a Massage Qualification (or another bodywork modality – please email to check if yours is acceptable) and A&P to level 3. You will be asked for proof of qualifications when booking. If you do not have a suitable qualification then we recommend you take our Diploma in Therapeutic Massage.

    On booking your place on the course, a member account will be created for you where you will be able to access the online content of the course. The following webinars MUST be accessed prior to beginning the course. These fantastic educational webinars are included in the course fee and will be available for the duration of the course.

    FOUNDATION Level -

    Fascia Webinar 1 ''What is Fascia?''

    Fascia Webinar 2 - ''What is Bio-tensegrity & why is it so important?''


    As above plus...

    Fascia Webinar 3 - ''Fascia, Fluids & Movement''

    Fascia Webinar 4- ''Latest Fascia Research''


    As above plus... Stress, Anxiety & Overwhelm Webinar


    As above plus...Webinars on Developing & delivering an effective Consultation

  • Important:

    Please ensure that you read our Terms & Conditions prior to booking onto this course.

“I'm blown away by how many clients I've been able to help, and such amazing feedback. Clients have been booking back specifically because of this work. It's been so tremendously useful.”

Kerry McKircher