An Introduction to Massage, the power and importance of touch

A fun informative one day workshop designed to:

Introduce you to a variety of massage techniques, enabling you to give a basic massage to family and friends.

An Introduction to Massage can be used as a basis for further study; for example for those thinking of a career in bodywork signing up for our Complete Bodyworker Diploma or for those who are returning to massage after a career break.

The introduction to massage manual is comprehensive and includes information on the history of massage, the massage sequence, individual strokes and the cycle of strokes. The benefits of massage, contraindications and information on appropriate massage oils.

We highly recommend this course if you wish to continue to study with us. It enables you to decide if the school is right for you. You will learn to massage with confidence and it gives an excellent basis on which to build and sets you ahead from the start.

To book your place please see below:

Introduction to Massage

Introduction to Massage

  • Dates:

    TBC. Please register your interest here

  • Times:

    9am to 5pm

  • Course Fee:


  • What to Bring:

  • No formal qualifications required

A very good Introduction to Massage course, far more relaxed and friendly more than the previous one I attended (with another college)! Thank you very much.

Linda Oldham.

I learned more in the two day Introduction to Massage than I thought possible, can’t wait to learn more.

Tessa Hudson

Thank-you for the informative, professional 2 day course. I am definitely going to sign up to the Complete Bodyworker, as I am fully inspired to become a massage therapist.

Sarah Jones