Diploma in Therapeutic Massage, accredited by BCMA (British Complementary Medicine Association)

Massage for Physical, Emotional and Mental Health

Originally known as The Complete Bodyworker Diploma, the Diploma in Therapeutic Massage trains you to become a professional, competent and self employed massage therapist, therefore enabling you to have a deeply rewarding career.

The Diploma in Therapeutic Massage is self exploratory, supportive, fun, informative and engaging. Here at School of Bodywork we pride ourselves on the progressive training we offer. We keep up to date with advances in the bodywork field, as a result, this course is fascia informed, tensegrity informed and trauma informed.  Our BCMA accredited Diploma encompasses massage techniques, massage theory. The in-depth syllabus enables you to work successfully in the field.

You will leave with the correct certification, the skills and the confidence to become a self-employed massage therapist. We train you to treat your client with whatever they present with on the day of treatment. We provide thorough, high quality training. We also share with you our contacts in the industry, therefore helping you build your career. We would love you to start your journey here!

During this course we create a safe held space for self-exploration; this will enable you to be a great therapist and to hold a safe space for others. When a sense of safety is achieved our clients can begin to drop down, their system settles in resonance with us and they are then able to integrate physical and emotional holding patterns that may have been impeding them. As the nervous system settles, we can facilitate fundamental change in our clients physiology, reducing pain, improving function and mobility.  Thus our clients can begin to embrace a full, happy and pain free life.

At School of Bodywork we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the latest developments in the field of bodywork, we are deeply aware that "the body keeps the score", by this I mean that our body physiology holds our life story from our embryological beginnings, to the present day, every experience is held in the physiology of our body. Therefore, we as bodywork therapists with the correct training can facilitate profound, yet safe change in others. I feel it is important to acknowledge both the resilience and yet the fragility and vulnerability of each and every one of us. It is important to acknowledge that each and every one of us has a rich story, which has brought us to this point of exploration in the healing arts.

Complete Bodyworker Diploma

In order to become a fully qualified Massage Therapist you will also need to complete an online anatomy and physiology (A&P) course to level 3. We recommend the A&P course is started before your massage diploma (this is to maximise your in class experience) and it must be completed before your final massage exam.

Completing and passing the A&P exam will ensure you are able to take out insurance and commence rewarding work in the industry.

Please see below for details.

Reasons to choose the Diploma in Therapeutic Massage:

Exceptional pass rate, with a high number of distinctions.

Inspirational, skilled and supportive tutors with as many as 25 years experience in the industry.

Clinic days are integral to the course and you have the opportunity to work on real clients. You will therefore receive constructive feedback from clients as well as from industry professionals.

We train you to treat the individual and what they present with, consequently enabling you to deal with real life situations. We do not teach you a routine.

We teach you how to protect your body from injuries and how to use your body-weight behind your strokes. Especially relevant if you wish to enjoy longevity as a therapist.

In addition, we can support you to launch your career by using our network of employers in the South West. Some past graduates now employ newly qualified students trained by School of Bodywork.

Most of all, we offer continuous support and mentoring from enrolment to beyond qualification. We love to hear success stories from our graduates so please do stay in touch.

I found the Diploma informative and fascinating. Lessons were varied with lots of time to practice practical skills. Each class member received support when needed to enable us to achieve our best and pass with flying colours. Emma and her team are second to none. I highly recommend this course to all.

Susan Vousden

Hands free techniques and awareness of good body mechanics; both essential aspects to protect the therapist.

Side lying techniques; extremely useful in a variety of situations including pregnancy.

Mobilisations; an essential component for a good treatment.

Palpation skills and their practical application.

Postural observations, grounding and protection.

A massage diary written by you, to encourage reflection and growth as a therapist.

On-going assessment and support.

Legal, ethical and professional considerations.

Branding, how to promote yourself and launch your career as a practitioner.

How to re-book a patient. All of the above enable to you be a great therapist, and as such build a successful business.

Take the next step on your exciting journey of discovery and call: 07711 656011 or email info@schoolofbodywork.com.

Complete Bodyworker Diploma
Complete Bodyworker Diploma

“My journey as a massage therapist started in 2013 when I joined the Diploma at the School of Bodywork. Little did I realise quite what a different direction life would move in when I discovered shortly after beginning the course that I was pregnant with twins! The twins were born in late April 2014, and I (just!) managed to complete the exams to enable me to begin work from home as a massage therapist. Enrolling on the course was one of the best decisions of my life. I absolutely love working as a therapist, using my hands and my head to make a difference to people’s health and well-being. I feel so lucky to have a business that can be flexible, and enable me to work from home. As it happens it also provides a wonderful counterpoint to looking after very small children. When I retreat into my therapy room, I take a moment to calm myself and focus quietly on the client’s needs, which somehow seems to provide therapy for me too! I am so grateful not only for the initial training that I received, but also for the ongoing development and support opportunities. I’m really looking forward to doing some additional training over the coming year. I hope to see some familiar faces, as well as meeting new ones!”

Tia Tamblyn

Diploma in Therapeutic Massage

  • Dates:

    Next course starting September 2021

    Please CLICK HERE for final dates 

  • Time:

    10am to 5pm each day

  • Entry Requirement:

    No formal qualifications are required. 

  • Course Details:

    Exam: Entrance to the exam is at the discretion of the tutor. 100% attendance is required.

    Massage Theory modules & exam taken online.

    60 minute practical exam.

    Case studies: 6 patients seen 4 times.

    Massage diary: 60 entries & 5 write-ups on treatments received.

    Clinical Research Project of choice: 5000 words.

    On-going assessments: practical and theory.

    Tutor support: Regular 1 to 1 tutorials to monitor progress.

    Once Qualified: To qualify you will need to have completed all practical and theory elements of the Diploma, as well as the Anatomy & Physiology Diploma as below.

    Work: We have contacts within the industry, therefore, we can help launch you on your future career. Please just ask.

  • Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology Qualification:

    You must complete the online Anatomy & Physiology course alongside the Complete Bodyworker course. This is an additional cost payable directly to the provider.

    The course is provided by Essential Training Solutions who are leaders in providing online training and resources for complimentary therapy: 

    • VTCT level 3 qualification in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology which sits on the OFQUAL register
    • No hidden costs - all registration, examination and certification fees included in the price.
    • Interactive online tutorial and resources accessible 24/7 upon enrolment.
    • Two hardcopy study manuals included so you can study offline if you wish.
    • All assessments (including the final assessment) are online, multiple choice and marked immediately.
    • The final assessment can be taken with us in Hertfordshire or remotely via webcam - you have complete flexibility.
    • Full e-tutor support via email and phone


    Fee: £340 

  • Course Fee:

    Total Diploma course fee: £1500

    Deposit to secure your place: £500

    6x monthly instalments: £200 (including exam fee)

    Exam Fee: £200 Additional fee payable to the Accrediting Body, BCMA.

    Please CLICK HERE to view payment schedule

    Anatomy & Physiology course fee: £340 (payment options available via provider)

    To pay your deposit or full course fee, please click Book Now below

  • Important:

    Please ensure that you read our Terms & Conditions prior to booking onto this course.

Making the decision to start the Diploma was far more pivotal than I had imagined. The course is in depth and informative in its academic content. It is also supportive and encouraging in it’s approach to the profession we are training to enter. Ever challenging and rewarding on a personal level. There is a lot to learn in a year, and this is definitely only the beginning, but it feels like a strong framework upon which I shall build in the future.

Alice Pollak

Complete Bodyworker Diploma